10 Mantras That Can Help You Come Out of Grief

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Grief is a part of our lives, and sooner or later, we realise this. Often, the grief overpowers us and we become helpless—we lose control over our own lives. But we must understand that this must not be so for this is extremely unhealthy to one’s mind, body and spirit. Therefore, here are some mantras that one can use to overcome grief and live their lives happily.

  1. Grief often drives you to do things immediately that can for a while, in order to not let you think about what makes you sad. Take some time off your schedule for yourself.
  2. Avoid taking important decisions while going through grief.
  3. Talk to someone about how you’re feeling. It might be painful in the beginning but it helps in the short run.
  4. You can also express your grief by giving it a creative outlet like writing, singing or sculpting.
  5. If the cause of grief is a love one’s death, respect their memories by preserving them materially.
  6. Make sure to take care of your physical health.
  7. Try not to be indifferent.
  8. Take pleasure in the little things in life.
  9. Introduce new traditions to mark occasions of grief so that they do not remain so.
  10. Don’t withdraw into yourself.
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