20th April: Masik Kathigai


Masik Kathigai is a Tamil festival of lights that is even celebrated in other parts of India. The day on which this occurs depends on the constellations Kathigai and Pournami. Every house, temple, etc. is lighted with bright colors to celebrate this auspicious day. 

Kathigai is a very old festival in southern India, especially in Tamil Nadu and parts of Kerala. Its important is highlighted through many scriptures and books. People even make special fireworks at home to celebrate the day.


Lord Brahma and Vishnu both considered each other more supreme than the other; Lord Shiva tried to resolve this by emitting in front of them in the form a flame, challenging them to find his feet and head. Lord Vishnu searched below the earth and could not find anything while Lord Brahma searched the skies and could not find anything either, but lied that a flower he had found was actually from the top of Shiva’s head. This enraged Shiva who punished, Lord Brahma and from then Lord Shiva was worshipped as light.


Since it is a festival of lights; many lamps are lit all over Tamil Nadu and the whole city sparkles with brilliant lights.

20th April: Masik Kathigai by

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