International Women's Day 2015


It’s International Women’s Day and we believe women are the supreme power of our society. She is a mother, a housewife, a perfect daughter, an intelligent teacher, a guide, a mentor, a perfect friend and what not.

It’s time to remind the people of our country that the role played by any woman is utmost important and she deserves to be respected in every aspect. They have not only excelled in every field and sector of society but have also ousted men equally. We, men respect you and consider you as supreme power.

From ancient times to modern India, women has been loved, prayed and worshipped. From Durga mata to Kalpana Chawla, they have been the role model of our society.

The UN this year has declared “Empowering Women – Empowering Humanity: Picture It!” as the theme of International Women’s Day 2015 to enable and empower every women to exercise equality, justice and freedom.

We appreciate and respect the effort and progress women of our society have made and shall do that in future.

Behind every successful man is a woman, likewise, behind every successful woman is woman herself.

Team AskGanesha wishes everyone a very Happy International Women’s Day 2015. And we wish that Indian society treat every girl and boy equally.

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Swati is an eldest daughter of her parent, a loving mother of two kids and most charming teacher of all her students. She completed her degree in Teaching Technology and completed her masters in Phycology. Although she worked for MNCs but she changed her profile to teaching and Counselling. Now question arises why? The answer in words is " to get the peace ". She feels more satisfied and happy with kids while teaching them mathematics and abacus subject. She also finds peace and bliss in providing helpful counselling to couples on relationships and giving them best remedies through horoscope. Being a devotee of Lord Krishna an Astrology, Religion and Meditation are her passion and learning is going on. she works together as a family in and feels proud to be one of them. JAI SHRI KRISHNA.

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