Japanese way of healing – Reiki


Japanese way of healing – Reiki

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique used for healing and reducing level of stress, it enables relation of mind and body, and helpful in healing the prospective ailments that one might be suffering from. It is practised by “lying on hands”. This practice is based on the idea that “life force energy “, and this energy is what makes us alive. It is believed that if the energy of a person is low then that person feels ill or stressed, but if his energy is high, then they are suppose to feel glad and happy.

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – “Rei” signifies “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and Ki which is “life energy”. So Reiki is real “spiritually guided energy.”

The founder of Reiki is Mikao Usui.  He advocated that this is a practice of certain simple ethical ideals, which promotes peace and harmony, which are nearly universal across all cultures.


Features of Reiki Practise:

The treatment feels like a brilliant radiance that we feel in and around us. It is a complete treatment for body, mind and soul. The most efficient treatment that is adhered to is that it makes us feel relaxed and free from captivity.

Reiki – A healer

It is a fundamentally innate method of healing. It is a method that can be used by every one.  Reiki practitioners suggests that, it can virtually cure any disease, and creates the most beneficial effects.  It works in collaboration with the therapeutic techniques. That enables in reducing the side effects of medicines and promotes speedy recovery.

It is a rather simple technique to learn. Its use is written in the specified manner. It should be passed on to the students in the class. The best feature of Reiki is that it is mainly dependent on individual capacity and their spiritual development; hence it can be easily practiced, and can be effortlessly accessible.

Since it is method of cleansing and healing, it is undoubtedly more spiritual way rather than religious. Since it’s not religious, we can say that it doesn’t advocate any doctrine to follow in specific manner. In fact it is not dependent on any belief, it will work even when there is an absence of belief. It is more intellectual than the religious concept.

Benefits of Reiki Practise:

It is a safe and soothing treatment, if you make a practice of it.  The benefits of the same are:

Soothing during stressful times:  Since its nature is relaxing, it is hence suitable, for the people who are stressed. It brings the feeling of peace, and enables better concentration and positive outlook.

During Pregnancy: This practice meditation can help during the pregnancy. Because it reduces stress and helps in flow better flow of blood. It also reduces blood Pressure and other such ailments. It relaxes the unborn child as well.

Children feel Calm: During exams, children especially feel irritated, nervous and stressed, so Reiki helps children in feeling better and enhances their concentration.

Helping during the end time: It helps in calming , comforting and giving a sense of peace. It also creates a sense of wholeness.

Animals also feel relaxed: Due to reiki animals also respond positively.


Askganesha experts highly recommend that this practice of Reiki. As this might not be religious, but it is important to lead a life that gives you peace of mind, harmony, and love with the human beings.

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An Astrologer, Vastu Consultant and Reiki Healer, Amit completed his engineering and Masters in Computers,and lives in Delhi, India. He did his Jyotish Acharya and learned KP, Nadi Astrology and Vastu from his Gurus. He has worked on new techniques to predict things in Tarot. He has learned Reiki and practices it to treat people who are in need of it. He personally believes that helping people and working for mankind should be the main purpose of life. He founded Askganesha.com in year 2005 with the concept of providing accurate online predictions around the globe. At present, Amit is involved with spiritual groups, learning new techniques and in process of teaching meditation and Astrology to eligible students.

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