Mental health & astrology

Mental health

Mental health

Every astrologer should have some knowledge about basic psychology which helps him to judge the strength and weakness in a particular horoscope, particularly the combinations Mental health and mental disorders. You can ask an astrologer for a report to help in strengthening the weak points in the growing years especially if the parents know the particular combinations which need to be given special attention and help in nurturing the children in their growing years.

Psychiatric Problems & planets:

  1. Significant Planets: Moon is symbolic of mind. Mercury rules communication and nerves capabilities controlled by the brain
  2. Significant Houses: The fourth and fifth
  3. Significant Signs: Cancer and Leo. Natal afflictions to the concerned planets, houses, and signs can cause the psychiatric difficulties and mental problems be active for long durations, where transit afflictions can relate to short-term disturbances
  4. Divisional Chart for Depression: Divisional fifth: Panchamsa

Emotional Health symbols:

  • Depression: The Fifth House
  • Emotional Peace: The Fifth and Moon
  • Mental Peace: The Fourth and Moon
  • Nervous Control: The Sixth and Mercury
  • General Karaka (significator) for the fifth: Jupiter
  • General Karaka (significator) for the fourth: Moon and Venus

How planets affect your mental health?

When Moon is afflicted by Saturn or the ascendant and moon both coming under influence of Saturn create depressive feelings, depressive tendencies. Moon with Ketu will cause low self-esteem, inferiority complexes, vacillations of mind etc. Moon with Rahu creates phobias, hallucinations. These are wild and accidental when Mars aspects moon, Saturn asserting moon can create deep psychosis. This works in conjunctions and oppositions which are within the 7-degree orbit of the moon and especially when they are applying or going to happen.

Mercury when afflicted similarly creates anxieties, obsessive-compulsive disorders, hyperactivity, and phobias. It affects the nervous system, the functioning of the brain and respiratory systems. Venus on other hand creates weird thoughts regarding sex and sexual activities, it can indicate animal instincts, weird preferences and sometimes no interest in these activities to very high indulgence and forced physical activities. Further, It can make one act like an animal in those weak moments. Uranus conjuncts with the moon, mercury or Venus it lends eccentricity and weirdness to the karakatwa of these planets.

How astrology can cure mental health? 

There are many such variations of mental maladies which can be ascertained through Mental health and prevented if such people are protected and counseled in time. Although, Vedic astrology focuses the role of “karma” (deeds) of present and past lives on the health of a person. Most of the mental problems that are prevalent around us may be due to “karmic” issues. One can treat mental health with Lord Hanuman Puja and homam

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