Mercury Transit to Aries

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What happens when the God of communication resides in the house of the competitive and the inquisitive? Mercury approaches Aries on April 12th.Mercury commands our interface with the world. It controls our thought process. Mercury travels rather swiftly through the zodiac, it unbiasedly stays one month in each sign and then backpacks. The instigator Aries retains its pioneering attitude with Mercury in its house. The brave and the authoritative Aries makes its mark by coming up with its ‘colonist’ way and giving innovative ideas. With the Lord of Communication in Aries, we do not consider to look after the unbiased stance and ignore the just outlook. We rather assert to be quickly decisive, and focus on how to reach a decision as fast as we could. We are inspired by the voluntary and unsolicited standpoint. We are opinionated and do not shy away from spontaneous communication.

With Mercury in Aries, we’re fuelled with the sparkling revitalising force of energy. Innovation and the newness of thoughts strike us. The air is filled with inspiration of ‘freedom of speech and thought’. On the ‘not so good’ side of this transition, we may fail to give a sensitive shape to our ideas. We become more assertive, though we may approach our lives with dynamism, there is a higher possibility of turning it vigorously in to an impatient approach. With the aim of retaining the voluntary attitude, decisions taken hurriedly can prove to be destructive rather than constructive. During this phase, we need to maintain our calm and strive to focus on the just side rather than being bullish.

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