Navratri Day 1: Pratipada or Ghatsthapana


Ghatasthapana  or Pratipada is one of the main ritual performed during the days of Navratri. The day marks the beginning of the first day of Navratri. The Ghatsthapana Puja is to be performed in the right Mahurat according to our Hindu mythology. The Puja of Ghatsthapana marks the beginning of the Navratri or the invocation of the powers of Goddess Kali. Hence invocation of performing Puja at the wrong time might lead to wrath of the powers. Therefore one should never perform Ghatsthapana during the night time.

The most suitable of the right time is to perform during the third half of the day. Is is being advised that one shouldn’t perform the Puja during nakshatra mahurat. One should keep in mind that Ghatsthapana is to be performed during the third half of the day or before the mid-day when Pratipada is in phase.

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Navratri Day 1: Pratipada or Ghatsthapana by

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