Rahu-Ketu Transit


Rahu-Ketu Transit means movement of Rahu and Ketu as they change their position to a different zodiac sign. These planets stay in one sign for 18 months as they were in Capricorn and Cancer. They will move to Sagittarius and Gemini during the month of March. This is a crucial transit as Ketu will conjunct the Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius.

In the coming months, there could be a lot of turbulence in the life of all the zodiac signs. Rahu and Ketu will be transiting so you should get your horoscope checked from an experienced astrologer.

Here are some useful tips for the Rahu-Ketu Transit  

What to do during Rahu-Ketu Transit?

  • Performing Rahu-Ketu homam
  • Chanting Beej Mantra
  • Offering sweets to poor and homeless children
  • Chanting Shiv Panchaksha mantra
  • You can wear rudraksha mala
  • Wearing an energized ring made of Ashtadhatu
  • Avoid wearing black clothes on Saturdays

Benefits of performing the above remedies

  • One can gain momentum in politics and civil life
  • The mind gets cleared from all the illusions and negative energy
  • One can gain control over their mind and concentrate better
  • The Person is able to quit bad habits such as alcohol, gambling, and smoking
  • Overall improvement in day to day life

Auspicious Dates for Rahu-Ketu puja

09/03/2019, 12/03/2019, 16/03/2019, 19/03/2019, 23/03/2019, 26/03/2019, 30/03/2019

In the month of March, you can get the Puja performed for treating any issue related to Rahu-Ketu. We at Askganesha can get it done for you as we have a team of learned astrologers and Purohits.


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