Sun Transit to Taurus

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Sun enters Taurus on May 15th; Taurus is ruled by the planet of love and romance Venus, which is a rival of planet Sun. This transition is bound to bring some changes in our lives. Taurus are simple and stable being a fixed sign, they long for loyalty and longevity. The soft and sophisticated Taurus has an eye for beauty. They are easily swept off by love and romance. They value peace and harmony in their personal relationships. The planet Sun represents the masculine part of our personality. It governs how we relate to others, our leadership qualities, ego, creativity, vitality, etc. Sun in Taurus is well-organized, seductive and responsive. The usually passive Taurus is active during this phase of transition.

During this transition, we feel resolute and firm in our decisions, there is invisible force driving us towards achieving goals. Though Sun is active during this transition, things go at a slow pace, Taurus being a fixed sign. Planet Earth receives the greatest heat during the transition (summers approaching). We are bestowed with vigor and persistence that makes our efforts unwavering while approaching our objectives. This transition may not be a great time for coming up with brilliant ideas and innovations, but the hard work done during this phase may pay off well later on. This phase is presented with not only hard work but also occult pleasure. This is a great time to get indulged in rich refined foods and luxurious bodily pleasures. Our creative side is also given great boost.

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