01 May 2015: Pradosh Vrat


Pradosh Vrat is a very auspicious day in Hinduism for the worship of the Hindu god Shiva. Shiva is the destroyer of worlds and is one of the most powerful deity in Hinduism. Pradosh Vrat is celebrated so that the devotees can show their deference towards Lord Shiva and attain his blessings.

Pradosh Vrat is known by different names depending on the day of the week it falls on, Soma Pradosh, Bhauma Pradosh and Shani Pradosh if it falls on a Monday, Tuesday or Saturday respectively. It is celebrated on the thirteenth day of a lunar month.


It is said that Lord Shiva danced at his sanctuary, Mount Kailash on this day due to sheer elation. Many fast on this day to show their devotion towards Lord Shiva and all those who fast for the whole day are said to be purified of all their sins so that they can receive salvation in this life.

This is also a very special day for the poor, many pray to Lord Shiva to wash away all their debts as well as their poverty and hence give them a better life. Therefore, it is a very significant day in Hinduism.

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