10 April: Mars Combust in Aries

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Combustion takes place when a planet is taking a tour and it gets on the verge of juxta positioning the planet of heat, ‘Sun’. Combustion signifies heat and fire. The unique calibre and traits of the proceeding planet are choked and suppressed by the glaring rays of sun. Mars is an anarchist when it comes to kicking the oppression caused by Sun. Mars reaches its dome in Aries on April 10th. When Mars combust in Aries, it makes sure that the heat never runs out and the environment is always kept aggressive. With Mars in Aries, we are haunted by the fear of losing. There is an innate desire to win, the competition is fierce. There is high tendency and frequency to become aggressive, arrogant and innovative. Aries is a dominating zodiac, it loves to steal the limelight and enjoy its ‘I’m the host and the best’ attitude. As much as they love to be applauded and admired, they equally detest and abhor people who are better than them and appear to be loftier.

With Mars in Aries, we are confident, focused and ambition driven. We are self-motivated and independent. During this phase, we know what we want and we don’t hesitate to go after it. The flip side of this combustion is that we may attract resentment and risks. As during this phase, while we poke our nose in everybody’s business, we may be struck with a lot of trouble. We are inspired by the power house of energy, and may experience depression and grumpiness if we fail to use this energy. This combustion calls for a passionate and sex-driven era.

10 April: Mars Combust in Aries by

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