10 Lessons by Monks to Change Your Life

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Buddhist Monks are usually known for their attainment of peace in their lives. They live serenely, with none of the worries of a modern man. While we cannot quit our life to become a monk, we can definitely follow 10 life lessons of Buddhist Monks that would make us better and happier people.

  1. Always try to the best of your abilities before giving up. If you give up, make your peace with it and move on.
  2. Whatever problems you face, you must remember that the answer lies within you.
  3. A lot of life’s problems are caused by your identification with the “self”. Coming to terms with this enemy within will make your life better.
  4. Failure is a step in the process of learning. Do not be afraid of it.
  5. Accept that everything is transient, and you will live a more fulfilled life not based on expectations.
  6. Patience is something you definitely need to acquire.
  7. Do not think about what other people think of you.
  8. Your internal fears are your worst enemy—fight them.
  9. If you’re happy from within, it will show outside as well.
  10. Live in the moment.
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