16th April: Pradosh Vrat


There are three major gods in Hinduism, known as Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, each of them has a specific role in their service to the world. Shiva is the annihilator of worlds and is an extremely powerful deity. Pradosh Vrat is celebrated in dedication to Lord Shiva and is perpetuated in devotion to him so as to attain his blessings.

If Pradosh Vrat falls on a Monday, it is known as Soma Pradosh, Bhauma Pradosh on a Tuesday and Shani Pradosh on a Saturday.


Pradosh Vrat is a day of hope for the poor because all those who pray to Lord Shiva on this day get blessings of good fortune so that their poverty is washed away along with all their debts.

Lord Shiva is said to have loved his devotees and when they prayed to him on Pradosh Vrat he danced at his sanctuary, Mount Kailash in celebration. According to the old scriptures, Pradosh Vrat is the optimal time to receive the blessings of Lord Shiva and to do so; one has to fast for the whole day to wash away all sins and aberrations. It is also a way for many to achieve redemption and go to heaven.

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