5 Symptoms that tells your Kundalni is Awaken


Located at the base of spine, Kundalni Shakti exists in the body of every human being in an abeyant state. There are different methods followed by different spiritual traditions for its awakening so as to feel otherworldliness within self. Yogic activities and meditation are the two elementary ways followed by practitioners in order to reach this truly ‘Divine Power’.

Below are the major 5 Kundalni Awakening Symptoms that tells you, ‘Now you are Spiritually Awake’.

  1. When your Kundalni awakes there are chances of feeling unusual currents of Energy towards upward direction while giving you a positive feel. This energy flow comes from Kundalni Shakti.
  2. When you sit for meditation, at that time if your focus automatically sets on Third eye Chakra then it means your Kundalni is Awaken.
  3. Awaken Kundalni Shakti bestows you the art of composing beautiful poems and lyrics. If you are recently experiencing such a change in you, then the power is awaken in you.
  4. When you feel special from inside with feeling of blissfulness and able to keep yourself calm even when negative circumstances comes your way, this is just because of the awakening of your Kundalni Shakti.
  5. When you start understanding the secret language of nature that makes your doubts disappear with its spiritual insights, it’s a sign of Awaken Kundalni




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