6 Ways to save your breaking relationships

Relationships are the essence of Life:

Relationships to life: breath to human. The relationships are a part of our existence, and a part of our identity. It is said that a “man is born free, and is else where in shackles”– Jean Jacques Rousseau. One such shackle is the relationship shackle. This shackle stops the person to venture in wrong direction. Since we all have the responsibility of another human form on us: our parents, spouses, children etc.  Any decision that we take can make or break their future. Since relationships limit our freedom so at the same time we also do not like to be a part of relationships.


Sometimes we want to leave everything behind and go away. And sometimes we want to denounce the materialistic world and go for the spiritual world. Whatever the reason is our relationships are both important for us to have focus in life, as well as they are a deterrent in our freedom. It’s our choice to see whether they are a deterrent or a focus.

What to do when your relationship is a deterrent?

Feeling that the relationship you are in has hit the rock bottom? Feeling like you are going nowhere in your relationship? If your answers were a yes then in the following part of the article you will see techniques to save your relationship. For now we have to look in to your choice, and the type of relationship that you feel you are burden with. The relation of a spouse or a relation of a friend, or a parent- child relationship. What ever it may you still have a chance to have an upper hand by just letting go of things.


Small misunderstandings can create big differences so stop the misunderstanding there and then. So that no deterrent is made and your freedom is intact. To improve your relationship with your spouse you can also consult our astrologer who suggest you the best remedies to perform. 

6 ways or techniques to save a breaking relationship:


Assess and re – assess your relationship:


Go back in time and try to remember all the details like what were the qualities that first attracted both of you towards each other. Re-asses that the attractive qualities are still present or not. Also reassess the reason of your coming together, at the same time, search for the strength and weakness of your relationship. Request your partner to tell their honest opinion about you, and be ready for an open criticism.



Communication is the most important tool for a relationship. The best way to communicate with your partner is by listening to his or her qualms and anxieties. Offer your opinion at the correct time so that there is no chance of miscommunication. The wrong way of communication is when you try to engulf the partner with self- obsessed talk and do not listen to them. At the same time when you say something in appropriate especially if they had a bad day at work.

Doing some special activities together:


In case of loss of passion, re-ignite it by doing something special like listening to the songs that both like. Or going to favorite restaurant that has not been visited for the longest time.  A change in the current situation can help stimulate brain. It also enables the brain to release an enzyme like dopamine that helps in adrenaline rush to brain. Nothing extravagant is required, just go sit in the park and watch flying by birds and nature. This will help you unwind and will create an activity to be done together.

Show your involvement in each other rather than society:


Because we live in a society, we are bound to think and lead our life in terms as dictated by the so-called guardians of the society.  We forget that we are an integral part of the world. It is advised to keep your relationship as private from the world as you can. It is not necessary to share all your love concerns to the world, surprisingly the world may not have solutions to your problems. Instead of being vocal and public be submissive and private and communicate with your partner behind the closed doors.

Apologize, forgive and forgo:


 “To err is human to forgive is divine “- Pope. It is aptly said the one who forgets, is the one who detaches self from all the negativity and animosity and enhances the stalled way of relationship. Do such acts that are reflecting on your intend to grant pardon. Since the act of forgiveness is a process, and not an end in it self. An act of forgiveness says a lot and at times you score, more because of your forgiving nature makes you stronger and unaffected by the act of other people.

Reveal your secrets with your partner:


Come clean with your partner about a secrete tat you have been hiding for long. Tell them on your own before they find it out through someone else.  A relationship is a two way street, hence if you tell your partner your deepest hidden secret your partner is liable to tell their as well. 

Hope these techniques will help you to sought out your issues and God will bless you with a blissful life. If the issues still persists you can appease the deities by performing Lord Shukra puja through well versed purohit. As the pujas and remedies helps you to get the blessings of the deities. You can go to our website and do a love compatibility to know about the compatibility status of you and beloved, avail this service for free right now.

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