Ahoi Ashtami: Puja and Vidhi


The fast of Ahoi Ashtami is observed 8 days before the festival of Diwali. Hence it is known as “Ahoi Ashtami”. The fast is observed as dedication to Mata Ahoi. Women observe the fast for the well-being of their children. The fast of Ahoi gets completed with the twinkling of stars under the night sky while some follow the tradition of opening fast after appearance of moon in the night sky.

The Puja Vidhi for Ahoi is as follows:


This marks the pledge which in hindi means sankalp for holding the fast for their children. Mother take pledge that she would fast for their son in the absence of water and food and the fast would be only broken after the appearance of stars in the sky.

Puja on ahoi ashtami

The preparation for puja begins before sunset. Draw a picture of Goddess Ahoi on the wall. Of it is tough to make image then put a picture of mata Ahoi but make sure the image or the drawing should have 8 corners as referred by the name of festival.

Sprinkle holy water on the image. Put a kalash filled with water and wheat on a stool placed on floor. Also Put a karwa or pot on the kalash. The opening or the nozzle of the karwa can be filled or closed with grass or seenkh.

As the name suggests, the items for puja should be 8 in number; call it 8 puri or anything else you wish to have along with the sweet.

Time to Worship

Although, You can worship stars after they appear in the night sky. Also Narrate the story of Ahoi mata along with other fellow ladies.

Give argh to stars or moon depending on the culture or tradition you follow.

May your children get blessed with a happy and prosperous life. Wishing all our readers a very happy Ahoi Ashtami.

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