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Akha Teej

Akshay Tritya is an important day in the Hindu religious calendar. It is a day to celebrate the increasing wealth in life. The day of Akha Teej holds importance in the lives of Hindus because, it is a day to purchase gold. It is also believed that on this day the inception of Mahabharata the famous epic of Indian mythology began.

Akha Teej is celebrated on the 3rd vexing moon of the bright lunar fortnight. In Sanskrit the term Akshay means something that never decays, something that never diminishes or imperishable. According to popular beliefs Akha Teej, brings the momentous occasions of new business opportunities, which leads to prosperity and opportunities for growth. It is also known as Akha Teej. Furthermore, this is an important festival for Jain’s as well; it is the day when they commemorate Lord Adinath, their first God.

Mythological History of Akshay Tritya:

The history of Akshay tritya dates back to the 3rd epoch or the Treta Yug of the Hindu calendar.

  • As per Shiv Purana; Akshay Tritya was the day when Kuber was made the Lord of wealth and riches, and the care- taker of the wealth for heaven.
  • It was on the day of Akshay tritya that Goddess Parvati incarnated as Maa Annapurna, and Lord Shiva accepted Alms from her. Also it is a symbolic representation that tells that by feeding Lord Shiv, she feeds the entire universe.
  • It is also believed that on this day the 6th incarnate of Lord Vishnu (Sage Parshuram) was born to Sage Jamdagini and his Wife Renuka.

  • During their exile, when the Pandavas were visited by Sage Durvasa, and they did not have anything to offer the sage. It was on this day that Lord Krishna provided Draupadi with a miracle vessel that created enough food to feed everyone. This Miraculous Vessel was called Akshay patra.
  • It is believed that, Ganga descended to earth on this day, so that the entire earth can be fertile, and relive everyone from their sins.
  • It was on this very day that Lord Krishna exalted his childhood friends with all the riches and material benefits.

Facts about celebration of Akha Teej:

Akshay Tritya is considered as an auspicious day to begin anything new and auspicious. It is believed that any thing started on this day garners the best result. This is a day for luck prosperity and Fortune.

  • On this day the Devotees of Vishnu, show there reverence to Lord Vishnu by keeping fast, later the devotees distribute Ghee, salt, rice, vegetables to the poor. Sprinkling of Tulsi waster is done on all the items that are to be donated. Tulsi water is a symbolic representation of Lord Vishnu.
  • In the Eastern part of the country this day is celebrated, as the first day of ploughing for the upcoming harvest season. This day marks the beginning of the new financial year for business people, and they perform Lord Ganesh and Maa Lakshmi Puja.

  • On this day buying/ purchasing and selling of gold ornaments/ jewellery is considered auspicious. As, gold is the symbol of prosperity and wealth.
  • Many weddings and pilgrim trips are planned on this day. As planning and performing the wedding or tips would be considered auspicious.
  • It is believed that taking bath or a dip in the holy waters, relives the devotees of their sins. Offering Barley to sacred fire and donating goods are all part of ritualistic traditions of Akshay Tritya.
  • On this day the Jainis end their yearlong penance on this by drinking sugar cane juice.

Significance of Akshay Tritya:

The significances of this festival are as follows:

  • The entire day of Akshay Tritya marks the beginning of auspicious time to carry out any new or important work. Like buying and selling, or marriage etc.
  • Since Akshay means endless, and diminishing, so all the vices are diminished on this day. Everyone is free from the guilt of their sins. Endless prosperity is acquired
  • Doing puja On Akshay Tritya brings in luck prosperity and creates an auspicious aura all the daylong.
  • Fasting on Akshay Tritya brings, increases longevity and improves health.

  • It is believed that the couples that are married on this day are blessed with eternal prosperity and marital bliss.
  • Since the auspiciousness is seen to be arising from the belief that both Sun and moon are at the most radiant phase, this is astrologically elevated position.
  • Hence, it is believed that buying and selling of gold is an auspicious activity. But those who can’t buy gold can opt to purchase silk and earthen pots and utensils as these signifies prosperity and wealth.

Purchase these products on Akshay Tritya; as per your Zodiac sign will be beneficial:

Since Akshay Tritya is an auspicious day, so purchasing and selling of ornaments and other products are maximum during this day. Here know what products to purchase as per your Zodiac sign, on this Akshay Tritya.

Aries:  People with Aries Sun sign, it is recommended you can purchase products made of Brass and gold.

Taurus: people with Taurus Sign should buy products of steel and silver.

Gemini: Gemini people should buy products of bronze in nature.

Cancer: The cancerians should purchase silver made products and should also purchase cloths on this day

Leo: Purchasing of products made of Gold and copper, are beneficial for them.

Virgo: Virgos are advised to buy products made of any of the three elements i.e. gold, silver and bronze

Libra: The Librans are advised to purchase products of gold silver and even electronics, and furniture.

Scorpio: people with Scorpio sun sign must purchase the products made of gold and brass.

Sagittarius: Along with the purchase of products made of gold and silver, Sagittarians are also advised to purchase water coolers.

Capricorn: the people of this zodiac sign are advised to purchase the products made any three metals that are gold, silver and bronze

Aquarius: people are advised to purchase product made of silver, gold or bronze and at the same time purchasing of vehicles is also auspicious.

Pieces: Along with purchase of products of gold, silver and brass, they can also purchase utensils.

Importance of Charity on Akshay Tritya:

Donation means giving away things that are meant to help the needy and to garner peace of mind and give us satisfaction. Since Akshay means endless, and diminishing, so all the vices are diminished on this day. Everyone is free from the guilt of their sins. Furthermore, Endless prosperity is acquired. Health, longitivity and peaceful life

What to donate on Akshay Tritya?

Following is the list of 10 items that, if donated during Akshay Tritya reaps maximum to hell benefits:

  • Donating water with a betel nut to a priest on Akshay Tritya, gives you, immense wealth.
  • Kumkum daan: Donating vermilion brings long life to the spouse.
  • Donating Chandan or sandalwood would reduce the chances of meeting with accidents.
  • If one donates paan ka patta on Akshay Tritya, that person is said to become the leader of nation.
  • If you donate Coconut this Akshay Tritya, you would be relieved from going to hell.
  • Donating buttermilk enables to achieve success in education.
  • Donating a vessel made of either silver or brass, with camphor, Tulsa leaves and paan ka patta, enables you to get married early, remove all hurdles in marriage, and diminishes the pitru dosh.
  • If you donate slippers, you can get rid from going to hell.
  • To get your desired happiness, donate bed to the needy on this day.
  • Lastly donating clothes to the needy would ensure long and happy life.

Benefits of Puja on the auspicious day of Akshay Tritya:
  • Get rid of all the debts and financial miseries.
  • In order to achieve success in every field of one’s life, it is important to perform this puja.
  • To get eternal bliss and garner a happy and harmonious marital and domestic life. It is also feasible to perform this puja.

Procedure to perform the Akha Teej Puja:

 Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi Both are revered together on this auspicious day.


  • Offer sandalwood paste to Lord Vishnu, Rice, Chana dal and sweets along with Tulsi and sesame seeds are offered to God and Goddess
  • Chanting of Vishnu Sahastranam, should be done
  • Worship Maa Parvati, and offer Chana dal, wheat, milk, gold, cloth and Kalash as per your capacity.
  • Feed grass to cows, and food to poor people.
  • A daylong fasting is observed on this day.

  • One can worship Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati and other powerful incarnations on this day.
  • Those who are unable to worship or perform any sort of puja can offer flowers and Tulsi leaves and can pray to God in heart. This would reap financial benefits.
  • Offering of lotus flower to Vishnu and Lakshmi, and offering of white scented flower to the family of Lord Shiva is considered auspicious.
  • All the articles of puja should be cleaned with holy water (Ganga Jal), and flowers and fruits must be fresh and fragrant.
Should I buy gold on Akshay Tritya?

The Answer is yes! Since gold has the best return value, it is considered auspicious to purchase gold on the day of Akha teej. Return value of gold is way more and better than the price on which it was bought. Hence, Purchasing of Gold coins and Gold ornaments/ jewelry on this day would bring in benefits, as gold is the criterion that declares a sign of prosperity and wealth.  Since the price of gold is rising, still the purchase of this yellow metal would not be stopped, or the purchase of gold will not go down even if the price rises.

Investment done on this day would be considered auspicious, as it would generate even more wealth. Furthermore, Investing in gold would mean that it would yield more gold.  Apart from being a good investment, Gold has utility and reputation of the gold also increases to leaps and bounds on this auspicious day.


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