Allahabad-Prayagraj: Astrological impact on the city


Allahabad has been renamed as Prayagraj, a long pending demand of sadhus and saints of the Sangam City. The new name is likely to be approved by the state cabinet soon, sources in the government said in lucknow on Thursday. At the same time, the name of Allahabad-Prayagraj is recorded in the Puranas, according to the beliefs of the Puranas and Hinduism, on this land Brahma ji first performed Yajna. It was named Prayag by joining Yajna with the first and second prize. It is also known as the King of all the Tirthas, Sangam Nagri.  

Given the mythological-religious significance and the nakshatras of the city, there was a demand for Allahabad-Prayagraj for years. But no serious consideration was made on this. When the Yogi government came in Uttar Pradesh in March 2017, they also promised that they would re-establish Allahabad’s name again. In the same sequence, on Tuesday, the Uttar Pradesh cabinet approved the proposal to pray Allahabad for Prayagraj.

Potent myths related to the name of Allahabad

Prayag was renamed as Allahabad in 1580 by Mughal emperor Akbar as he maintained that it was a place of Allah (God) and hence its name should be changed. “The wrong that the Mughal did in their times should be corrected. We expect that the Chief Minister (CM) will issue orders towards changing the name of Allahabad-Prayagraj,” said by one of the heads of a religious group.

According to historical records Allahabad was previously known as Prayagraj. However, in 1526 this mythical land became subject to the Mughals and then Mughal ruler Akbar changed the name of Prayagraj to Allahabad. In colloquial language, it was called Allahabad. This name is now registered in government records.

after-effects of the name change

Politics and Allahabad

In his recent visit to Allahabad to release the dates of Shahi Snan (royal bathing), Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad has urged Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to rename Allahabad as Prayag before the coming Kumbh Mela in 2019.

In 2001, after Kumbh Mela, the then Chief Minister Rajnath Singh and Governor Vishnu Kant Shastri were also in favor of renaming Allahabad-Prayagraj but the promise remained unfulfilled. Former Union minister Kalraj Mishra was the state BJP president at that time.


Changes after the name change from Allahabad to Prayagraj

The astrological number of Prayagraj is 2 and thus it is ruled by the planet Moon. The moon symbolizes water, compassion, emotions and healthy relationships. Therefore, it is predicted that the city with this name will be peaceful in nature and more harmonious. In fact, there will be more understanding between different sections of society prevailing there. The name changing is mainly in accordance with the astrology system.  

Prayagraj may turn out to be more happening and a vibrant city. There are many people from different walks of life which may come together growth of the city. The city under the new name from Allahabad-Prayagraj may become a prominent business centre with lots of investments.

Besides, the city under the new name will prove to become a melting pot. There is a lot of unity in the city and differences on the ground of caste, religion, and creed which will not matter. The city will witness unity and more uniformity in matters of spirituality, religion, music, humanity or food.

The foundation letter which is P in Prayagraj has a huge impact. The vibration of P stands for philosophy, prestige, and progress. This also shows that the big projects that will be undertaken to develop will be successful.

The name of the city ends with the letter J which points to proper co-ordination and co-operation. Thus, it mainly shows that all the stakeholders will take the city’s development in a united manner. So, a political interest to derail this development process won’t succeed much. Also, the first vowel in the city name is an A, which shows a high determination.

In A Nutshell

Considering all the parameters of this new change, the new name from Allahabad-Prayagraj can kick start a new phase of peace, growth, harmony and development in the city. You can seek help of Askganesha while starting a new business or naming your home for a positive effect.

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