Amalaki Ekadasi 2015


The festival of Amalaki Ekadasi is also known as Amlaki or Aamalaki Ekadashi. The auspicious day occurs during the waxing or decreasing phase of the moon. Like previous trends, the festival occurs in the month of February or March. The day of Amalaki Ekadasi shall be observed on 1st March 2015. Fast is observed on this holy day. The Ekadasi fast is observed in the dedication of Lord Vishnu and is observed on the 11th day when the size of moon is decreasing. The day has importance in out Hindu mythology too. The importance of this day was narrated by Valmiki in his epics.

The day of Amalaki Ekadasi is associated with Lord Vishnu. The believers of Moksha, sins and purity celebrate this day with utmost importance. While some believe celebrating this festival brings Moksha and helps you get rid off all your sins, while some celebrate is by performing special pujas and offerings to Amalaki Tree and Lord Parashurama.

The historical Puranas too narrate the story and importance of this day in the Hindu mythology.

This year the Ekadasi shall fall on the day of Holi. Hence it is also a part of the Holi celebration for some part of the community. Thus it is also known as Aanwla and Kunj Ekadasi.

Amalaki Ekadashi is also observed as Papanasini Ekadasi in some regions. Team AskGanesha wishes you all a very Happy Amalaki Ekadasi.

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