Astrological Houses – The 12 Houses in Astrology

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Astrological Houses:

Astrological Houses

The horoscopes and its predictions are based, on the astrology system that is primarily dependent on the number of houses, the number of houses is 12, the location of these houses mainly depends on the place and time of birth. In Vedic Astrology, these houses are also known as Bhavas. These Houses in horoscopes are representatives of experiences in which all the energies of the planets operate.

Astrological Houses Represents:

Astrological Houses

The Astrological Houses represent the various traits; those begin from self and the inward world to the one that expands outside us or the outside world. At the time of our birth, the position that is garnered by the planets is all determined in our horoscope charts. When the astrologer reads your horoscope, he/ she then blends the meaning according to the planetary positions, this determines many other traits and it also defines the various obstacles that may be encountered during the lifetime.

The division of Astrological Houses:

Astrological Houses

The 12 Astrological Houses represent us and the outside world. Of the 12 houses, the first six are the person or the houses that represent us, the last six houses represent our relationship with the outside world, they are the interpersonal houses.

The 12 Astrological Houses:

Astrological Houses

1st Section – Self/personal and our inner world.

1) 1st house- The house of Self Image:

Astrological Houses

The first house is an angular house, with Aries as its natural sign and Mars as its planetary leader. It is the house of firsts; the first Impression, the self-appearance, new initiatives, fresh starts and new beginnings, this is the sign of rising or the reigning sign or Ascendants.

2) 2nd House- The house of Self- Worth and Money:

Astrological Houses

The second house of the horoscope has the natural ruler as Taurus and the planetary ruler as Venus. This house of the horoscope deals with the matters pertaining to finances and money, and the material environment around us, including the 5 senses. This is the house that also breeds self- esteem.

3) 3rd House- The house of Self – and Communication:

Astrological Houses

The third house of the horoscope also known as the cadent house. Natural ruler of this house is Gemini and the planetary ruler as Mercury. This is the house that determines all sorts of communication- Physical, mental, device related, electronic etc. The third house also represents the communication between siblings and neighbors, along with travels and communication with community and peers.

4) 4th House- the house of Self- and Family Friends and roots:

Astrological Houses

The fourth house is the house of special angle called the IC or Nadir. Natural sign of the house is Cancer and the planetary ruler is the moon. Since this house sits at the very bottom of the entire zodiac wheel, hence it is the house that rules all the basics or foundations. This house includes parents, privacy, and security your relation with other. The ability of nurturer to be more nurturing at the same time, it also forms our psychological roots and the connection of our past.

5) 5th House- The house of Self- and Expression, creativity, romance, and love:

Astrological Houses

It is a succedent house; the natural ruler of this house is Leo and the planetary ruler as Sun. Since this house is ruled by the dramatic Leo, then it governs the expressions, our creativity and dramas, fun and games and romance and love. Speculations and gamblings, pastimes and hobbies are all determined by this house.

6) 6th House- The house of Self- and Work and Health:

Astrological Houses

The sixth house is the house of health and the domain of Work. It is a cadent house, its ruler sign is Virgo and ruling planet is Mercury. This house rules over schedules and organizes our work pattern and the fitness regime and routine. It governs our diet and exercise, and at the same time, it also determines the helpfulness act in us and the serving of other with compassion.

2nd Section – Self and the outside world:

7) 7th house Self- Partnership and Marriage:

Astrological Houses

This house is the house of angular house. Natural ruler sign is Libra and the planetary ruler is Venus. The seventh house is the representative of you and the relationship with other. This house governs all the partnerships both personal and professional, like marriage and dealings in business. It is also the representative of alter – ego, marriage.

8) 8th House self- Transformation and sexuality:

Astrological Houses

The house is the house of the succedent house and the sign ruler is Scorpio and the planetary ruler is Pluto. This house is the house that deals with the transformation of the self with the conditioning of the outside world. At the same time, it is one of the mysterious houses that rule the birth death and other transformational aspects. It also determines our attitude towards the dealing of crisis.

9) 9th House- Self and belief system and higher learning:

Astrological Houses

The 9th house is the cadent house with the Sagittarius as the ruling sign and the Jupiter as the ruling planet. This house mainly deals with higher learning, expansion of mind, long distance traveling and optimism. The connection of self with the Supreme Being and the religious practices are all ruled by this house.

10) 10th House – Self – Career Profession and Reputation:

Astrological Houses

It is the tenth house that is an angular house which also has Capricorn as the sign ruler and the Saturn as the planetary ruler. It is perhaps the only public part of the chart. And It governs corporations, traditions, and image and honors all the achievement that is garnered by a person. All the aspect of the career and the social standing everything is understood by this house. If the person is successful then the image of his/ her success is all governed by this house.

11) 11th House- Self – Aspiration and personal goals:

Astrological Houses

This is the house is a succedent house, the sign ruler is Aquarius and the planetary ruler is the Uranus. It is the house that governs the aspects of friendships, electronic media, self – attained goals, technology. And It also rules the originality in every human being and helps us to the humanitarian work. All our acquaintances and friendships are maintained by this house.

12) 12th House- Self & Secrets and endings:

Astrological Houses

This is the house is a cadent house, the sign ruler is Pisces and the planetary ruler is the Neptune. The last and the final house that governs the endings, it is the final house. This house governs the endings however good or bad. Although, This house tries to tie up the loose ends, completions, the afterlife, old age etc. Also governs hidden agendas and secret enemies. Etc. Those features that lie beneath the surface are said to be governed by this house.

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