Stress and Anxiety: Astrological Remedies for Health

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Stress and anxiety affect all of us from time to time throughout our hectic lives. While understanding stress a little more can help us to deal with it in a better way. While things may seem incredibly difficult, you must always remember that you are not alone in your plight. There are millions of sufferers all over the world trying to cope with life as best they can. Understanding a little more about stress and its causes can help you work towards fighting it. There are both medical and non-medical health procedures to conquer stress and anxiety for your better health.

In the horoscope chart, the first house is called Ascendant and brain is represented by this house and how also the manner how a brain thinks and works.

Moon is one of the planets which play a very important role in our life as the emotions are governed by Moon. In the horoscope chart fourth house is the house of mental peace, happiness, and comfort.


How to figure out stress and anxiety?

A successful method to control stress and anxiety is by recognizing what stress is, what it means for you and in what eventualities these feelings occur. When you’re in a position to work out the things that make you stressed you may start to feel more relaxed, feeling that you are in control of yourself.

Time management is good which can eliminate some of the stresses that you can face in the coming year or normally. If one can plan their day in advance in detail, it’s a positive action against the chaotic mindset that stress and anxiety can cause in people. If you can discover the cause of your stress and put it into the proper context, then you have made a good start.


Astrology behind stress and anxiety

  • If Moon’s placement is in the 6th, 8th or 12th house which is a bad place for the moon
  • The conjunction of Moon with any of the malefic planet
  • If Malefic planet Rahu, Ketu and Saturn aspect Moon
  • If Moon is hemmed between two malefic planets
  • If the placement of Moon in the house is alone and no other planet is either side of it
  • Placement of Moon with Sun, then Moon loses its powers against Sun and failed to give good results
  • Along with Moon, Ascendant is badly affected either with placement or with an aspect of malefic planets
  • If the 4th house is imperfect it has no power, if the 4th house or its lord is under the influence of any malefic planet, then the native may face stress and depression
  • The placement stated above in horoscopes is the indications of depression and stress. Proper remedies can be performed to get free from depression and stress-free life. Following are the remedies


Mindful yoga for a healthy mind

While there are different methods, or types, of meditation and yoga, one of the most simple to implement is known as “mindfulness” meditation. To perform such type of meditation, one can concentrate on your breathing. If you notice your thoughts losing focus, which can happen during the onset of symptoms, simply refocus your thoughts to your breathing. One can begin this method by practicing a few minutes every day, working your way up to thirty minutes. Whenever you feel your symptoms of stress and anxiety coming on, relax and focus on using this breathing technique to prevent the negative thought process from forming.


What stress and anxiety can cause?

Prolonged stress produces without rest in between can be very damaging to your body and its delicate systems. Common effects of stress and anxiety in your body may include muscle tension or pain, fatigue, headaches, pains in the chest, weight gains, an upset stomach, problems sleeping well and a change in your sexual interest. Unchecked or resolved stress can lead to other problems such as alcohol or drug use, tobacco consumption, fits of anger, over or under eating and a basic withdrawal from people and social situations. Stress can also be a cause in producing anxiety, anger, sadness, irritability, depression, restlessness, and a lack of focus or motivation. If your reaction and the stress caused is causing any of these problems then take a huge deep breath now and let’s make some changes to help you find some stress management to relieve the stress.


How astrological remedies help?

Placement of Moon is bad or it is weak, perform remedies related to Moon and the native should wear gemstone after consulting an expert astrologer.

The 4th house is weak and its lord is under the influence of malefic planets then the remedies to strengthen the 4th house should be done.

More powers should be given to Ascendant and its lord by wearing gemstones.

Worship Lord Shiva and offer water to Shiv Linga every day that will give some fruitful results. A complete Shiva Puja can save you from any such trouble.

May Lord Ganesha bless you with happy, prosperous and stress and anxiety free life. You can take help from the astrologers of Askganesha for Vedic Remedies.

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