Be Grateful to God for Everything


People are often seen cursing and lamenting for their sorrows, mis-happenings in life and what they do not possess. But only a few times they are seen being grateful for what they possess and happy instances of their life. Why should one be grateful? Being grateful makes one positive, happy and optimistic; it helps one to see the bright side of life. It teaches one the art of appreciation. Some believe that we lack in spirit of gratitude because we take things for granted. When we become aware of all that we have to be grateful for, when we actually begin to count our blessings, we will be overwhelmed with gratitude for all that has been bestowed upon on us unstintingly. Our sleep, our friends, our good health which we fail to appreciate until we fall ill, the fresh air and sunlight around us, the marvels of technology which have made our life so easy, our society and community – where would we be without them all?

Many of us think that if they had a little more of this or that, a little more than what they now have, they would indeed be very thankful, satisfied and happy: they are quite mistaken. If we are not satisfied with what we have, we are not likely to be satisfied even if it were increased many times. Gratitude gives positivity when it is felt and expressed. When we express gratitude, we share our joy and happiness with others. In the Hindu way of prayer, Agarbattis are lightened or incense is offered to show the gratitude to God; the fragrance from the incense spreads all around, making others feel positive for life. So it is with gratitude: it blesses both giver and the receiver. Gratitude strengthens one’s faith in life, and teaches to show one’s gratitude to others.

Be Grateful to God for Everything by

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