Buddha Purnima Festival


Buddha Purnima is celebrated in the Hindu calendar month of Vaisakh on the full moon day since Purnima translates to a full moon in Sanskrit. It is a very important day for Buddhists all over the world and is devoted to the creator of Buddhism, Gautama Buddha. On this day all Buddhists revive their traditions and follow the major thoughts on which Buddhism was found, that is helping others and especially the needy, such as the sick, the handicapped, etc.

Benefits of praying on Buddha Purnima

Lord Buddha is the best guide to achieving bliss and mental peace. It is he who taught the world the real differences between simplicity and luxury. He told us the reason behind the suffering of humankind. The more profound the reason is the importance we give to our affection for the material pleasures. This Vesakh or Buddha Day, one should follow the famous “Eightfold path” in order to welcome the prosperity and peace of mind. Devotees can practice such path not just on this day but also in everyday life.

Celebration of Buddha Purnima 

This day is celebrated widely in India, with many taking up fasts and most importantly, doing charity. It is also important to pay homage to Buddha on this day by visiting his temples. All the followers try to undertake noble work on this day, which they promised to do when they started on the path of Buddhism.

Chitra Purnima

Chaitra Purnima is sometimes also celebrated along with Buddha Purnima. This day is dedicated to the worship of Chitragupta, the scribe of God and the keeper of all accounts. According to Hindu Mythology, Chitragupta kept records of all the sins and good deeds of humans. He is symbolized as a great writer and the promoter of education as well as intelligence.

We wish you and your family an auspicious Buddha Purnima.

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