Cancer: Am I going to do Well in Sports?


It is a well known and accepted fact that our zodiac signs exert some amount of influence over our personalities, our careers and love lives. However, a lot of us are oblivious to the fact that zodiac signs also rule certain body parts and affect them in strange, inexplicable ways. This is a direct bearing on the sports prospects of a person. Being aware of this information can save us a lot of unnecessary trouble by helping us identify our weak and strong areas and working on them accordingly.The sign of Cancer is a very sensitive, receptive one. Their weaknesses, sorrows and troubles have a big impact on their everyday lives. These emotional and over sensitive creatures can get upset by the slightest of remarks and brood over their troubles for an indefinite period of time. A Cancerian brings something unique and complex to the sport they are engaged in. Having a Cancerian on your team could mean a variety of things, depending on the lunar cycle and their state of mind at the given time. Their weaknesses could be a strength or liability for your team. All of this, naturally, depends on the Cancerian individual’s outlook and attitude. If they are having a good day, be sure of your victory! If the day isn’t treating them too well, they can bring the whole team’s spirits down and make you want to drown in sorrow yourself. Such is the contagiousness of Cancerian emotions.

Cancerians have strengths like commitment, adaptability and devotion. They draw a lot of strength and support from their family. This is a wonderful set of abilities when it comes to sport and you’ll find the Cancer sports person inviting their family over to their math for some quality time together. Their adaptability is such that they know how to turn the tide in their team’s favour through their quick calculations and actions.

Being commitment loving individuals, Cancerians will stick to the one sport they excel in and commit to it for practically the rest of their lives, while pushing their limits. One really desirable trait in sports that Cancerians possess is that of leadership. These seemingly timid and introverted individuals are born leaders. This trait goes a long way for crabs in sports, be it solo sports or working as part of a team. Their leadership quality enables them to inspire those around them and fight till the very end.
Cancerians are also extremely dependable people, which makes them everybody’s first choice when it comes to building a team. To better plan out physical activities, Cancerians should keep in mind that breasts, stomach and the digestive system are their weak areas and more likely to be injured as a result of excessive physical activity. Yoga is a great exercise as it helps in relieving emotional and physical stress.

Since Cancer is a water sign, Cancerians are best suited for water sports, owing to their excellent lateral movements. This results in increased circulation to troubled body parts, mental clarity, agility and a lot more. However, as with everything else, Cancerians should ensure they don’t overdo such activities.


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