Love Compatibility: Matches for Cancer

Crabs are, for the most part, the quintessential romantic, actively seeking intense physical and emotional love. The banalities of practicality irritate them and a so a prospective partner would do well to take notice. The astrological sign the Crab is most compatible with is Scorpio and know this has nothing to do with hard exoskeletons! The Scorpions, like the Crabs, are deeply passionate and romantic. This helps them bond well with the Crabs and when two passionate people are involved, things can hardly remain platonic. Pisceans make great romantic partners for the crabs too, as both are sensitive, dreamy Water Signs. They will share a number of common interests, a great hallmark of a lasting relationship. However, stability can be an issue at times.

Two same signs rarely make a great pair but crabs are unique in this aspect that they and make it work with each other, especially if one or both of them have been hurt in love, which is quite probable with Cancerians. Such a couple would enjoy their time at home and would be deeply passionate about each other.

Virgos compliment Crabs. The Cancerain brings color and joy to the Virgo’s drab practical world, while the Virgo acts as an anchor, preventing the crab from floating away in his make believe world. This association makes for deeply cherished relationships, whether as friends or as lovers.

Cancer and Capricorn are ideal lovers. The gentleness of the goat is the perfect foil for the Crab’s romantic nature. The Cancer will bring romance and humor to the relationship and the Capricorn will offer love and stability.

Cancerians and Taureans are not quite an ideal match since the Taurean’s financial ambitions do not bode well with the lofty world view of the crab, who deems the whole thing rather crass .While the Crab is focused on the artistic aspect of human life, the bull is far more pragmatic.

Air signs aren’t the best partners for Cancerians, but there are exceptions. Librans are very similar to Cancers in that they are both hypersensitive and love their food as well as carnal pleasures. The bone of contention here can be the Libran’s sense of discipline which contrasts the Crab’s romantic free-wheeling outlook. Geminis and Aquarians can form bonds of friendship with the Crabs but the lack of emotion of the former and eccentricity of the latter doesn’t let a romantic relationship blossom.

Fire signs are the diametric opposites of the Crab (which is a water sign) and are poor partners for the sensitive crabs. Sagittarians and Cancers will be inevitably drawn to each other. The archer is drawn to the sensitive, caring nature of the Crab and the Crab in turn is attracted to the Archer’s adventurous streak. However, these very reasons often doom the relationship, for the centaur finds the Crab too fragile and sensitive and the Crab yearns for home and finds the Archer’s adventure spree a little too unsettling. Leos and Aries are too brash and arrogant for the Crab which makes any romantic relationship too difficult to blossom.

If any part of the Crab’s love chart unsettles you, don’t worry and remember the aphorism “to love and be loved is like having the sun shine on both cheeks”. If the sun is on your side the stars will surely align!

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