Chandra Darshan

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Chandra Darshan

Amavasya which literally translates to ‘new moon night’ is a very auspicious day in Hinduism and an optimal day to pray for salvation. The moon which appears after Amavasya is called the new moon. Observing this moon is known as Chandra Darshan.

The moon has special significance in Hindu mythology because many important rituals are carried on this day. Many women pray on Amavasya for the long lives of their husbands and for the removal of obstacles in married life.

One of the most important parts of this day is the worship of forefathers, known as Pitra in Sanskrit. Many worship them to help them achieve Moksha (completing the circle of life and death). And also attain their wishes and blessings for a good fortune.

Celebration on Chandra Darshan

Many fasts on this day till they are able to see the moon. This is because fasting shows devotion towards the moon god called Chandra devta in Sanskrit. Some also donate clothes to the poor and food such as sugar and rice to Brahmins.

It is very difficult to correctly estimate when Chandra Darshan may occur since the visual view of the moon depends on a lot of factors. Hence, there is hardly any fixed time to observe Chandra Darshan.

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