Chandra Grahan: Do’s and Don’ts

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Chandra Grahan is also known as a lunar eclipse. It is an astrological event involving the Sun, the Earth and the Moon. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth while orbiting the Sun comes between the Sun and the Moon. This occurrence steals the Moon’s shine and by blocking the sunlight which is reflected by the moon. This event prevents the sunlight from falling on the surface of the Moon and instead causes the shadow of the Earth to fall on it, thus affecting a total lunar eclipse.


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Why the moon is called Blood Moon during Chandra Grahan?

Moon doesn’t have a light of its own and only reflects the light which it gets from the Sun. During the eclipse process, the moon is in the shadow of the Earth, and some sunlight will still reach it after passing through the atmosphere of the earth. This causes the atmosphere of earth to filter out most of the blue light which makes the moon appear red. The light gives the moon a dramatically colorful appearance and turns it from bright orange to blood red naming it Blood Moon. Depending upon the part of the Earth’s shadow which the Moon will be passing through, its appearance may vary from dark brown to dark gray too.

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What you should avoid during Chandra Grahan?

Chandra Grahan has great significance effect on man. There are many things that one should avoid doing in Chandra grahan.

  • It is believed that during a ‘Chandra grahan’, many harmful rays are generated and so you should not look at the Moon directly.
  • One should not be out in the open during the time of the ‘grahan’.
  • Moon is related to human emotions, so people who have a problem with the Moon in their horoscope might face emotional distress during this time.
  • It is also related to ‘mother’ and so people can also face some conflicts in relationship with their mother.
  • Mental stress can increase as lunar eclipse affects an individual, depending on his/her zodiac sign, ranging from loss of energy to career downfall.
  • Pregnant women should stay indoors as the harmful rays can have an adverse effect on the growth of the baby.
  • During a lunar eclipse, one should avoid entering into a new venture or taking any new projects.


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Astrological Remedial solutions

It is believed that during Chandra Grahan, prayers of people are more easily accepted and those with certain ‘doshas’ can perform Chandra Puja during this period to get rid of any negative or evil effects of the malefic planets in their horoscope. ‘Chandra yantra or mantras should be kept and recited at home to reduce the harmful effects of the rays. Holy ‘Gangajal’ should be sprinkled all over the workplace and house to reduce the harmful effect of ‘Chandra Grahan’. If you have ‘Kaal-Sarp Yog’ in your horoscope, a lunar eclipse is the best time to perform prayers to get rid of it. You can also get many other remedies for planet moon from Askganesha astrologers.


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