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Chandra Grahan or A lunar Eclipse happens when, the moon passes through the Shadow of Earth, or the Earths Umbra.

The beginning of the eclipse is marked by the slight darkening of moon By Earth’s Shadow. The Shadow then begins to cover the entire moon making it turn into Red- brown colour.

Indians witnessed the lunar eclipse on 31st January 2018. This Time the Lunar Eclipse was also a blue moon Lunar Eclipse. A rare coincidence also occurred during this lunar eclipse- since it was also a blue moon and second full moon in the month of January; it was Called the Second Blue Blood Moon day.  Such a phenomenon, was last witnessed on 30th of December 1982, primarily taking place in the eastern Hemisphere, and similarly before on the 31 of March  1866. This phenomenon will again take place on 31st January 2037.

On Magh Purnima, The lunar eclipse is believed to be a divine combination. On this day, one should take bath and do charity with open heart. But those who give charity on Chandra Grahan should do it before 8 o clock in the morning. 

Date and Timings of Chandra Grahan:

Chandra Grahan on 31 January 2018
Starts from 18.30 and Ends at 20.41 in india
Moonrise – 18:30:39
Local Eclipse Duration – 02 Hours 10 Mins 31 Secs
First Contact with the Penumbra – 16:21:15
First Contact with the Umbra – 17:18:27
Total Phase Begins – 18:21:47
Maximum of Lunar Eclipse – 18:59:50
Total Phase Ends – 19:37:51
Last Contact with the Umbra – 20:41:10
Last Contact with the Penumbra – 21:38:26
Duration of Total Phase – 01 Hour 16 Mins 04 Secs
Time Duration of Partial Phase – 03 Hours 22 Mins 43 Secs
Duration of Penumbral Phase – 05 Hours 17 Mins 11 Secs
Magnitude of Lunar Eclipse – 1.32
Magnitude of Penumbral Lunar Eclipse – 2.29
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