Charan Sparsh: A modest Indian tradition

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“Charan” means “feet” and “Sparsh” means “to touch”. Taken together it means “to touch one’s feet”. It has been a tradition since time immemorial to touch the feet of our parent’s father and mother, teachers and elders. They, in turn, bless the person touching their feet and placing their hand on or over the prostrating person’s head. Charan Sparsh is done daily while meeting with elders and particularly on important occasions such as the beginning of a new task, festivals, birthdays and sometimes almost daily.

The Right Way of Touching Feet

It is important to know the right way of touching one’s feet. One can bend the upper half of their body, ideally without bending your knees and stretch both your arms with your head between them and touch the feet of the elder. It is obvious that the fingertips of your left hand should touch the right foot of the elder and your right hand should be on their left foot. The elder person touches the top of your head with their right hand and gives long life blessings.

Vedic Relevance

The Vedic Relevance of Charan Sparsh

In the Atharva Veda, a great importance has been given to the way a person greets others when meeting them. In the act of “Charan Sparsh” an individual exhibits respect for the elderly, the wise, and those with an exceptional contribution to society. It is a way of accepting their superiority. This promotes humbleness and modesty in an individual and also makes the other person feel significant. Thus, in this way, a person learns to be humble, courteous and respectful. The physical effort involves useful exercise and promotes enthusiasm, vigor, and concern for others. Vedic Astrology also rid someone of their tension and is highly motivating practice.

The science behind Charan Sparsh

Scientific Benefit of Charan Sparsh

There are many scientific benefits involve in the pious act of “Charan Sparsh”. Since the human body releases the vibrations and also receives them from people who come close; touching the feet may encourage the flow of energy. As the elders touch the head of the person in blessing, energy is again exchanged between them.  This exchange of energy gives an individual self-confidence, vigor and protects from bad fortune. Both the individual experiences an inner glow. Usually, the person of whose feet you are touching is either old or a guru. When they accept your form of an act as a respect that comes from your reduced ego in the form of Shraddha, their hearts emit positive thoughts and energy which is called Karuna and reaches you through their hands and toes. The blessings received after “charan sparsh” are like invisible armor as they motivate and strengthens you.

In essence, the completed circuit enables the flow of energy and increases cosmic energy, switching on a quick connection between two minds and hearts. Charan Sparsh gives a positive and happy feeling to the doer and touching feet of a good soul, provided you do it the right way.

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