Cheti Chand: Celebrating Jhulelal Jayanti


India is known as a unique country and home to various celebrations, societies, religions, and networks. One such old and ancient community is the Sindhi people. We are signifying a major and essential celebration which is the Cheti Chand or Jhulelal Jayanti.

Sindhis are especially known for their rich social culture since ancient times. The Cheti Chand or Jhulelal Jayanti is one of their old and customary celebrations. This celebration is a declaration of their rich social legacy and is commended by the Sindhi people all through the world with extraordinary delight and excitement.

Why Jhulelal Jayanti is celebrated?

The Jhulelal Jayanti or Cheti Chand celebration honors the birth commemoration of their holy person Jhulelal. The day is considered exceptionally propitious by the Sindhi people who praise the event with full fanfare. Besides, the day of Cheti Chand celebration is viewed as Sindhi “New Year”. Sindhis pursue the “Vikram Sambat” Calendar, which has its beginning connected with the Hindu lord Vikramaditya. In this schedule “Chaitra” is viewed as the primary month which the Sindhis call as “Chet”. Additionally, every new month in this Panchang starts with the new moon; thus, the name of the celebration is referred to the Sindhi Community as “Cheti Chand”. Accordingly, this exceptional day isn’t just the birthday of god Jhulelal yet additionally denotes the start of another year. Consequently, this celebration expects extraordinary significance for the Sindhi people group everywhere throughout the world.

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The legendary story behind Cheti Chand 

Jhulelal, the embodied type of Ishta Deva ensured protection to Sindhi Hindus. The Sindhi Community commends their Savior’s birth anniversary to the world commemoration with extraordinary love and dedication all through the world. Upon the arrival of Cheti Chand, they offer their regard by offering Lord Jhulelal Puja.

How is Jhulelal Jayanti celebrates?

  • The Festival of Cheti Chand is an event for incredible festivals
  • The Sindhi Community from the whole globe takes part in religious and happy exercises on this exceptional and devout day
  • They adore Lord Jhulelal and perform major “Aarti” on this day
  • Sindhi individuals revere water as it is the birthday of the manifestation of Varuna God – The God of Water
  • Charitable activities are performed, for example, donating garments and giving food to the poor and needy
  • Delicious meals are prepared for the whole family and friends and they eat it together

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How this day is calculated?

The date of Cheti Chand Festival is determined dependent on the Hindu Panchang. According to this calendar, Cheti Chand is praised on the second day of Chaitra Shukla Paksha. Generally, one day after Ugadi and Gudi Padwa. It is the day when New Moon shows up after no moon day. As the new moon ends up noticeable without precedent for the Cheti month, the name of the celebration is given as Cheti Chand. It commends the birth commemoration of Saint Jhulelal who was conceived amid the tenth Century in the Sindh Province.

Cheti Chand or Jhulelal Jayanti all together is a festival of happiness, joy, and celebration.

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