Christmas Day 2014: Celebrations and Joy


The festival of Christmas is being celebrated all over the world; by people of almost every religion and marks the birth of lord Jesus Christ. From astrology point of view, the month of December is the last in the quarter days, entering the new year in the upcoming month or new quarter.

Going back in the history, Jesus Christ was born on the soil of Israel 2 thousand years ago; the child who became the holy symbol of Christianity. The son of Mary Magdalene and Joseph.

This led to spread of Christianity around the globe. The birth of Jesus is considered to be highly influential. He is considered to be born in the year. The birth of Jesus Christ marks the beginning of new human race, mankind and love.

The celebration starts a week before the actual Christmas day. While some prefer to decorate their house with lights and exotic Christmas tree, many people prefer to serve humanity, mankind and needy. They serve free food meals.

The children receive gifts and blessings from their elders.

This year astrology predicts Christmas day to be silent and less enthusiastic as compared to earlier years. One big reason behind the lost charm of this big day is the constant conflict between Jupiter and Juno in Leo caused due to influence of Mars and moon.

For many people, Christmas shall be just like a normal day with not much enthusiasm. Take care of your health and hygiene and lead a better life.

We at Askganesha wish you all a Merry Christmas. May your all wishes come true and you get blessed with happiness. May Santa fulfill all your wishes.

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