Christmas Day


Christmas day can be simply said to be the most enduring holiday of all. It is a time-honored tradition which has gained huge popularity and people have connected over the years. Christmas day dates back to as long back as 4000 years and is celebrated every year during the winter season on 25th December. It has remained as relevant and as loved by everyone as it was 1000’s of years ago, however, Christmas celebrations have only grown with time.

Christmas day is celebrated with very high spirits in the world. This day is marked in the honor of the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. Now a time people from all the religions and communities participate in the Christmas festival with marked fervor and zest

How to celebrate Christmas Day

Some people visit friends and relatives on this day and participate in the masses held in churches. On this day pile the family in the car and drive around your town looking at Christmas lights. Peoples are decorating their house for Christmas.

People are joining up with family and friends and exchanging cards have also become a very important part of the festivities. Most of the children (X-Mas) look forward to Christmas as this is the time of the year when they get gifts from Santa Claus and elders see it as a reason to socialize.

The traditions of Christmas are about family, food, and gifts. Some people spend all year thinking about the next Christmas day. They shop a little during the year, hide the gifts away and save up for the special treats that the family loves to eat at Christmas time. More books, songs, and movies revolve around Christmas than any other holiday. It is a celebration for people of all nations and cultures, even for those who do not believe in the Christ who made it all possible

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Christmas Traditions

The celebrations of this day vary from country to country and it is different for all the nations. It includes the installation of Christmas lights along with Christmas trees. The creation of a nativity scene depicting the birth of Jesus Christ is also another symbol of this day. People all over the world look forward to Christmas day holidays with a lot of zeal and is almost celebrated for the complete month followed by a New Year. Christmas tree is set up in home and office and children’s leave a stocking out for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Red and Green- Red traditionally represent the sacrifice of blood that Jesus shed while hanging on the cross. Green represents the evergreen, eternal life. Holly is included with the evergreen and even has special significance because of the red berries on it. At one time, Holly was considered a holy plant: green stood for eternal life and red for the blood of Christ.

Santa Claus- Finally, Santa Claus, the most loved symbol of Christmas! Santa is actually Saint Nicholas who was extremely generous to the poor but anonymously. Santa Claus mainly signifies the need of giving alms to the poor and the needy.

We at AskGanesha wish you all a Merry Christmas. May the spirit of Christmas day bring you harmony and peace, the gladness of Christmas gives you strength and hope, the warmth of Christmas grants your love and relationship with a great New Year ahead.

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