Techniques to Cultivate Compassion for harmonious living

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Compassion – The feeling of common suffering and that is combined together, with the emotions of a desire to improve or diminish the misery of others. Compassion is nothing but showing and showering the kindness to those who are in need or those who are suffering in some form or other. The act of compassion is an act that is based on taking into the account of miseries and sufferings of others, trying to rise above the occasion and lending a helping hand to those who are in need of help. The help can be in any manner and in any form. Feeling the pain of others and trying to make them come out of their pain and suffering is compassion or kindness. Compassion is one of the main tool or element to attain happiness. Act of kindness and compassion is necessary for living a harmonious life.


Any gesture that is done with the goodwill, and good feelings, takes us step by step closer to harmonious existence. Life is like a work of art that goes through the ups and downs. At the same time face triumphs and tribulations, standstill and marches that may or may not be in perfect tandem with each other. But with compassion it becomes easier to lead life full of bliss and eternal glory.



Any act of kindness goes long way, the compassionate act will ensure that when you suffer or when you are miserable you get the desired help. An act of kindness is a spontaneous gesture depicting the goodwill of the doer. Benevolence, which is generated from the response that lies deep within us, is an act of kindness and compassion. Compassion or kindness becomes the act that creates and transmits love that goes beyond all boundaries.

“Kindness is the language that the blind can see and the deaf can hear”– Mark Twain.

Techniques to inculcate the act of Kindness and compassion for living a harmonious life are:


The simple techniques of   the compassionate and harmonious life are:

Start your day with empathy and sympathy:


It can be said that the act of sympathy and empathy is the first step or a stepping stone towards the act of compassion. Although feeling the sympathetic or empathetic is necessary. It is although not a fun thing practice, but if and when practised it can change your whole life and world.  Inculcate the feelings of sympathy and empathy. The golden rule of the sympathy is that it is an act to receive and equally reciprocate.

Put yourself in place of others:


Put you- self in the shoes of others, see and try to feel the pain of suffering that the other person is feeling. By doing this you can see what the other person is feeling and how can you help them. And this will ensure the reciprocity of the same. If you are able to feel the pain of the others, this means you are able to fulfill the purpose of your life. Since life is tough, yet we are all do the best we can.

Put the thought to action of compassion:


Even before practicing or excising the act of the kindness, it is necessary to give compassion and kindness a thought.  Put the thought to actions, by doing abrupt and casual actions of compassion. Nothing big is necessary a small gesture like a friendly smile or even a kind word of the encouragement. Or even thumbs up is enough to inculcate the compassion in life. It is often said thought before action, but here do not think about doing an act of compassion or kindness.

Show compassion even to those who are not worth it:


You can show compassion to those who are not worth it. Someone who mistreats you or does not has the same level of compassion like you, be kind and compassionate towards them. This is the litmus test to know whether or not you are cultivating the compassionate feelings in you or not. Being kind to those you are mistreating you is tough. But with a minor act of retreating yourself, any and every time when someone mistreats you. Retracting is not reacting with anger or frustration, rather calm down and detach yourself from the situation.

Don’t be selfish, go beyond yourself:


Do not be selfish and self- involved or self – obsessed. As we all are one, practice shifting your focus on other. Think ‘we’ before ‘I’, this however does not mean to be extra nice to all. It simply means to widen and broaden your horizon and scope of thinking and awareness. And it will help you become more compassionate.

Become a self- healer:


If you want to be compassionate to others, you got to be self- healer. You got to heal your traumas, unless you get rid of your traumas, you would traumatize others intentionally or unintentionally. You need to be a self healers, as being self- healer you tend to not to repeat the same mistake that traumatized you. And the person experiencing the same trauma will make you sympathetic. Therapies, meditation and other therapeutic techniques help you become a self- healer.

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