Darsha Amavasya: No-Moon Night for Devotees


Darsha Amavasi or the Darsha Amavasya, as per the Hindu Panchang is the no moon night. At the point when the moon is totally missing, we can consider it the Darsha Amavasya. The different periods of the moon have uncommon importance in every one of the observances according to Hindu panchang. It must be said that the Amavasya Tithi or time which is available after dusk and before the moon rises, one can be known as the Darsha. Hariyali Amavasya, which denotes the propitious month of Shravan, matches with the Darsha Amavasya.

Darsha Amavasya is the most favorable day for performing the rites for deceased ancestors. Shradh ceremonies are performed on Darsha Amavasya are considered highly advantageous and is said to yield many advantages for the devotees.


significance of amavasya

Significance of Darsha Amavasya

This Amavasya falls on the fifteenth day of the month and is the new moon stage or the no moon period of the month. Of the lunar calendar, Amavasya is the main day of the first quarter. It denotes the finish of the dark moon stage or the Krishna Paksha. Many individuals perform Tarpan or an offering towards their ancestors on this day. People keep vrat or fast on this day, and the Kalasarpa dosha Puja additionally happens amid the Amavasya. The presiding gods of the Amavasya tithis are the PIthri Devathas. Solar eclipse obscurations occur amid the Amavasyas and are the most favorable time to perform snana, tarpana, and shraddha.


mythical story

The mythical story of Darsha Amavasya Story

Barhishadhas are spirits that live on the everlasting soma juice. Once a child named Acchoda was born to a Barhishadhas who was angered since she didn’t have a dad and hence in all respects severely wished to encounter the affection for a father. Because of this innate desire, she began started falling down from heaven. When she shouted out for help, the spirits in the pitruloka prompted her to go the earth and be born as a little girl to King Amavasu. Acchoda pursued the guidance of the pitrus (prisoners of the pitru Loka) and was conceived as the little girl of King Amavasu, an exceedingly devout and respectable lord. As she developed in the august family, she got the adoration and care of her dad and was in this manner profoundly fulfilled. She, in this way, wished to thank the Pitrus who gave her the word of wisdom and along these lines arranged to play out the Pitru puja for the spirits of the Pitru Loka. The day of Shradh which was a no moon day was named subsequent to King Amavas. From that point onwards, the custom of offering Shradh to ancestors on Amavasya day started.



Darsha Amavasya Rituals

The fasting observed on this day is devoted to appeasing moon god or Chandra Dev. Vishnu Dharma Shastras state Amavasya and particularly Darsha Amavasya is an ideal day for remembering the ancestors. It is profoundly promising to lead the Shradh services of ancestors with the assistance to achieve the clerics in homes or temples or rivers or acclaimed pilgrimage spots. Shradh rituals are performed with til daan, panda tarpan different sorts of contributions and pujas to ancestors.

Benefits of Darsha Amavasya Vrat

Devotees worship Moon god on this day is significant since he is an essential deity in the Hindu astrology and is the leader of emotions and minds. He is likewise the nurturer of plants and creature lives. Along these lines venerating Chandra on Darsha Amavasya day will give true bliss and peace of mind.

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