How to Dress for a Better Mood?

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Human nature is rich in flavors and moods. You never know when boredom or sadness will hit you and spoil your day. Not the best of the mood enhancers work at that time call it food (trust me! Some people boost their emotions by eating), a movie or a long drive.

Have you ever tried getting dressed up beautifully when you are feeling low or not best of your spirit? If not then try these chic-licious colors to boost yourself!


The blue color gives you peace, calmness and soothes your soul. Take a deep breath and look at the wide blue sky. Have a blue tie if you are getting ready for office. Ladies of the house can have a blue scarf for the same.


Red is the symbol of love, passion and energy. You feel more confident and charged when you have love dwelling around you. Wear red t-shirt or red gown if you feel depressed. Believe in the power of love. If you don’t have either of them then go for a red rose. It will make you feel full of positive energy.


Coming closer to nature is always a pleasure. Green lushes, trees and beauty of nature are always a thing of joy. Step out to walk you can try a green cap or a light green jacket to put on. Choose the best shade that goes with your skin complexion.


Orange color catches eyeballs. The color is not restricted to a gown or pair of shorts. The perfect orange with right amount on your body will give you the title of Mr. or Miss Perfect.


You are too loyal and royal if you step out with purple color on your sleeves. Wear this color to get your confidence if you are stepping out achieve something big. It will boost your confidence.

Mix and Mash

If you are in a party and fun mood then have a mix of colors on your body. The splash and color punch will surely groove your mood!

Colors can fill your life with emotions. Don’t stop them from knocking your door.

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