Dwitiya Shradh: An Auspicious Time for Pitru Paksha


Shastras give extraordinary significance to the shradh ceremonies that are performed during the Pitru Paksha. It is a significant theme for the Hindus from the perspective of performing out the Dwitiya Shradh services of their ancestors soul. Consistently, Pitru Paksha starts out from the day of Purnima of the Bhadrapada month (August – September) and ends till the day of Amavasya. During the separate tithis when the ancestors die, shradh is performed during the Pitru Paksha or the Mahalaya paksha. Shastras gives an incredible significance to the shradh services done during the Pitru Paksha period since they give added advantages to the performers and their families.

 Dwitiya Shradh significance

Dwitiya Shradh

On this day, Shradh is done for the ancestors who passed away on the Dwitiya tithi independent of whether they passed away during the Shukla pasha or Krishna paksha. The other name of Dwitiya shradh is Dooj shrada. Shradh is a yearly occasion falling on the month, paksha and tithi when the precursors withdrew. Year on year, shradh and tarpan are done for them on this day to diminish their appetite in the astral universes and furthermore get their favors on the family. In the event that the yearly shradh isn’t performed for reasons unknown, performing it during the particular tithi during the Pitru paksha Puja can give many advantages.

 Importance of Pitru Paksha shradh

Importance of Pitru Paksha shradh

Pitru Paksha Shradh has enormous significance in Hindu culture since it is trusted that during this period every one of the ancestors from the Pitru Lok (hereditary world) visit earth to meet their living generations. In the event that the Shradh is performed and Tarpan is offered to them, the relatives get richly honored by them.

In Hinduism, the shastras connect a huge significance to Pitru Paksha shradh since every one of the ancestors from the Pitru Lok (familial world) will venture to every part of the earth to visit their descendants during this period. On the off chance that Dwitiya shradh isn’t performed to them, they get disillusioned. In the event that they are offered shradh and tarpan, they favor their generations profusely.

Dwitiya Shradha celebration

What not to do during this Dwitiya shradh?

In the event that you are intending to begin any new activity, at that point please keep away from this period as it’s not a decent time. The way and manner by which pitru paksha ceremonies are performed vary from place to place.

On the shradh day, numerous individuals keep vrat for the ancestors to rest in harmony. Many individuals don’t trim their hair during the pitru paksha as it is viewed as a bad sign. Several individuals have various names for the pitru paksha. We are referencing them with the aim that you don’t get confused to hear different terms called as tarpanam, sola shradha and shradham.

It is a decent practice to separate the event one day in a year for the recognition of one’s precious ancestors, companions and individuals in your life that are no more, to welcome them and remember them in memory of the dead and to present charity and donations on poor however learned people of character and dedicated to the act of plain living and high reasoning. This will be with regards to our past conventions and will likewise give another direction to and inject new life into practices that have turned out to be dormant and good for nothing to many individuals.

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