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Easter Celebrations

The Celebration of Resurrection of Jesus:

The Celebration of Resurrection of Jesus from the tomb on third day, after his death, after his crucifixion. Resurrection of Jesus is a way to renew daily hope that says we have victory over the sin. It can be said that it is a way of celebration of good over bad. The truth over lies and the victory of Knowledge over Ignorance. This is a prophecy as spelled out in Isaiah 53, “Messiah, who would be persecuted, died for our sins, rise on the third day.

The Start of Easter:

The beginning of the festival started by early Christians. They started the practise of remembering resurrection, on every Sunday following the occurrence. But it was the year 325A.D. a special date was set aside to celebrate resurrection by the Council of Nicaea. The contention faced by them was the celebration of resurrection should be on a weekday or like always on a Sunday.

Difference in Opinion:  

Many learned were of the view that the day and date of resurrection should be based on during Passover. Once the Rabbi or Jewish leaders determine the schedule of Passover. It is then up to the Christian leaders to determine Easter day schedule, which will fall 3 days after the Passover.

Others believed that since Lord rose after crucifixion, on a Sunday. So this day has been set aside as the day for lord. Hence it became easier and possible to celebrate the resurrection on this very day.

Finally a date set for Celebration:

To put the controversy on hold the Council decided, the Easter should be celebrated on the Sunday following the full moon after the vernal equinox. Perhaps the reason, why the Easter falls earlier than the other years.  The Easter finds its roots entwined in the pagan symbol and rituals as well.

Origin of the term:

The origin of the term is uncertain. Although going by the definition of an 8th century Monk, the term Easter is derived from Esostre or the German Goddess of Spring and Fertility. Although different sects believes and people have different view about the origin and the use of the term Easter.

Easter Bunnies Why:

Since the festival is celebrated during spring time. It is a time associated with the celebration of new life, at the same time rabbits or hares are revered for their fertility. It was believed that the hares could reproduce even without losing its virginity, associated with Virgin Mary.  The Hare is also an ancient symbol of moon. Since the date of Easter depends on the moon, so hares or rabbits are celebrated during Easter. Another reason for rabbits and hare being celebrated is that they come out of an underground burrow or homes, just like Jesus emerged out of his tomb.

Different Countries- Different Interpretation:

In America the celebration of Easter came with the migrants from Germany. And the role of them is that the hare was transferred to American Rabbit. At first the children made nests out hats, bonnets, and fancy boxes. But now this activity is done with the baskets. The use of colored eggs also helped in spreading of this custom.

In Southern Germany:

The first pastry and candid Easter bunnies became popular in the beginning of nineteenth Century. It crossed Atlantic and children enjoy the chocolate candied rabbits.

Easter Eggs:

After Easter bunnies comes the Easter Eggs, like other symbols the eggs also have been a part of pre-Christian symbols. There is no assurance as to why do it come to be associated with Easter. Many ancient cultures such as Hindus, Egyptians and Persians believed that the world came into existence by an egg. It is a common belief that Greeks, Chinese and Persians, give eggs in the celebration of festival of life around them.

Early Christian believed that eggs had life, so it was a part of celebration. They also believed that eggs are a symbol of Christ coming back to life, hence his resurrection.

Colouring of Easter Eggs:

Orthodox Eastern Catholic believes that painting Easter eggs in red colour signifies the blood of Christ. It is believed that it is the blood that was shed on the cross during his crucifixion. One belief goes that Mary Magdalene carried cooked eggs to share with the other women who were mourning at the tomb. Son her arrival, it was seen that the tomb was empty and the eggs had turned a brilliant shade of red. Now the eggs are painted and decorated in vibrant themes and colours

It is believed that king Edward I bought 450 eggs, to coloured and covered in golden leaf, so that it can be distributed among Royal Entourage.

Easter In India :

For celebrating the festival, Christians all over the country especially from Goa, Mumbai and the North-eastern states make elaborate arrangements for the festivities. Churches are thronged with worshippers and special prayers and rituals are held on Easter Sundays. In India, people do not decorate Easter eggs but they are well aware of the oldest tradition of the festival and therefore they purchase beautifully decorated Easter eggs which they give as presents for their children. During the festival time, Easter bunnies are also sold in the market. As a part of the festivities, people exchange gift with each other.


Goa is one of the best Easter holiday destinations in India. There are street plays, songs, dances staged during this festive occasion. There are also colorful carnivals, which are a part of the festivities in Goa. The families either bake Easter cakes for their loved ones or purchases from the market. Again another tradition which is associated with Easter is exchange of colorful lanterns. Along with colorful lanterns there is also the exchange of Holy Cross. And to serve this purpose, people have adopted the popular tradition of hosting lavish lunch, dinner and Easter parties. All these are quite popular in other parts of the world. Moreover, games are also held to keep up the spirit of the festival. Thus, the festival is observed with lots of merry making and enjoyment keeping in tune with the celebration in other parts of the world.

North- East:

In most of the north East the festival is celebrated with traditional pomp and show. This signifies Jesus Christ’s victory over his death. After his crucifixion to convert the world into a better place and free the world with all the sufferings. On this day Men , Women and children dress up in vivid attire. Also band parties of different types of Salvation Army of North- Eastern sate are on the roads singing and dancing, chanting “He’s Arisen” to mark the beginning of the Celebration. Special prayers and worship or mass is held by the Church Members, while breaking their fast after Good Friday.

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