Ethical Politics: Governance of current times


It is very difficult to enjoy absolute Ethical Politics in the present period. This is because when politicians or groups of folks with specific agendas need a research paper to back them up. These politicians end up paying a university or research group for a specific outcome. They should be very careful when taking such money. The strings attached to political research could indeed get them in trouble with the scientific community or cause controversy with peer reviews.

Political Teachings of Gita 

To strengthen the democratic values in India, there is a strong case for ethics in politics as necessary and sufficient condition for good governance based on Gita which is neutral, a religion-free treatise on management and welfare economics. The Ethical Politics is missing as politicians in the present times are devoid of any moral or spiritual values. The blame of such a condition lies on the education being imparted in the institutions. We need to learn and relearn spirituality, the science of the soul for success in every walk of life including politics in a democracy.

This way you are not violating your ethics or code of conduct when you take the money. However, if you allow yourself to be approached by a political group to do a research project this can be a huge problem. In that, you know if you do not produce the right results this will be the last research paper you ever do for that particular group, which has that particular agenda. It is so easy for people and researchers to get into trouble in these matters, and it is something I hope you will consider.

Arthashastra in Ethical Politics

To deal with the new challenges, we certainly need to evolve tools with spiritual wisdom for giving and maintaining the discipline to the political economy based on ‘Arthashastra’ of Kautilya who deserve to be known to the world as the father of economics.

The tone and tenor between politicians and voters should be changed with established principles of relationship management flowing from Gita (17:15) as told by Krishna to his devotee Arjuna. There is a need to invoke a sense of togetherness in politicians on national issues which are missing at present. We are not helpless and must invoke within us the energy, confidence, and speed to work efficiently. To save through the ups and downs of life, depression, recession, and inflation, we should confine to ‘Needonomics’ as spiritual wisdom which is necessary and sufficient for politicians to be ethical.

Ethical Politics & Nation Building 

For an Ethical Politics to enter our nation, we need to develop the norms for the speech of every politician in the interest of nation-building with honesty and character. The politicians should learn to spend time with the voters which can happen if they stay in their respective constituencies (periphery model will convert villages into cities). The young politicians need to know at the entry point for the good qualities in a politician. We have to note that young enthusiastic students had actively participated in the freedom struggle of India including Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Subhas Chandra Bose, Raj Guru, and others. We need to create alternative values to be respected as politicians in power as well as opposition. In a society, marketing and organizing skills require talent to be developed and created among youth to lead the nation for peace, progress and prosperity which calls for proper, productive and practical (3 Ps) use of hands, head and heart (3H)- the real education based on spiritual wisdom flowing from our epics. Let the voters in forthcoming parliamentary elections identify ethical politicians with a spiritual mindset be voted to power for strengthening Indian democracy and bringing Ethical Politics in the picture.

Regardless of what level of government, this corruption needs to stop, and if we can prevent human politics from acting in these rogue behavioral ways, then maybe we need to ditch politics altogether, it seems like a rotten way to run such a great nation, regardless of the level of government.

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