Enlighten yourself through the Five Essentials for Spiritual Growth

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What is spiritual growth?

Spiritual Growth

The answer is the process of becoming and reaching more and more close to God. Spiritual growth in a gist means that by god’s power, we have everything we need to live a life of Godliness. Adding faith to goodness, trying to remember God and keeping his works and sayings closer to heart is one way of spiritual growth. Enlighten ourselves through the medium of garnering Knowledge and keeping faith in the words of God. Following the path that was priorly lead by him and that is being lead by us to our ultimate goal and reality about life and various aspects of life.

Spiritual growth includes:

Spiritual Growth

  • Increasing knowledge and understanding the word of God
  • The second aspect that is inclusive of spiritual growth is that reduces or decreases the intensity of your sins.
  • Increasing faith and trust in God. This means that by trusting the God and his word, you are trusting the very essence of life that is a gift from him to us.
  • Lastly spiritual growth means, to increase the practise and try to inculcate the qualities of the Supreme Being or our spiritual leader in us.

The five essential elements of Spiritual Growth:

Spiritual Growth

If we want to achieve a spiritual growth plan then, we must have essential aspects for all these plans. The essential elements are:

Prioritizing God:

Spiritual Growth

We must keep God as our priority, we must be aware that the life we lead is the creation of God. When he gave us this life it means he also had to pay a price for this. Doing our own things means that we are separating from God and his words. But travelling on the path directed by God himself means that we are coming fairly close to God and creating our closeness to him.

Learning to pray and communicating with God:

Spiritual Growth

Like we are not afraid to talk to our parents, similarly when in Doubt we should not be afraid of talking to God. The best way of spiritual communication is by praying, bowing your hands in reverence. And keeping your hands folded means that we are trying to communicate by giving him the utmost respect and making him ultimate authority.

Fasting and Donations:

Spiritual Growth

Another way of spiritual growth is by fasting. Fasting does not mean starving to death. It rather means not eating or abstaining our self from some kind of food products and drinks for religious observances. Fasting makes us realise our true potential in terms of being hungry and how much self control we have. Fasting in the name of Lord Means that we are creating an atmosphere of belief. That our fasting will appease the God ad in turn he will come physically to break our fast. Donations helps you get closer to God. As it means that those who are needy are being satisfied and they are no longer in desire of the things. If feeding food to a needy hungry person means that person is quenched of his hunger and the god is pleased as someone became the medium to feed and help others.

Live by faith:

Spiritual Growth

Having faith in God and in the Ways of God, is an essential element of spiritual growth. You can make way through a rigid and mighty mountain by just keeping faith. That one day the mountain will bow down to you and you will be able to pave a path. Being optimistic and having faith is essential so that we are able to pursue what we want.

Meditate and walk in the path of love:

Spiritual Growth

Meditating doing yoga enable us to lead in the spiritual; path ways. Having a kind heat and a generous attitude makes us enablers to create spiritual growth. Love is essential for everything; our love in God is the most important aspect in the spiritual growth. Mediating and keeping our mind in the teachings of God creates more growth path.

Spiritual Growth

In Indian context the Moksha is a way of spiritual Growth. If you want to get your spiritual growth, you can contact our website for performing Sarva Yoni Karmic Puja. Done by our well – versed Purohit.

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