Ganga – The Cleanser Of All Sins


Ganga – The Cleanser Of All Sins

Ganga – The holy river of Hindus is named after the Hindu Goddess Maa Ganga. The Hindus believe the river Ganges to be the purest of all. Among all the holy rivers, Ganges is listed on top of all. Ironically, it is equally polluted. The point of inception of this river can be traced to Gangotri glacier. The glacier gets its name from the holy river itself. There are many important mentions of the river in the Hindu Holy Scriptures. Proving that the river is of great significance to the Hindus, beginning from Gaumukh. This 2525 km long river is stretched up till the Bay of Bengal, flowing from northern India and Sri Lanka.

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As a matter of fact, the Holy river of Ganga constitutes up to 25% of India’s water resources. The water stretch of Ganga is believed to be a blessing from the Goddess to the natives of earth.  She is worshiped as a deity in Hindu culture apart from the holy water stretch. The Hindu masses believe that the name, touch or sight of goddess in the form of river, cures the sins of a person. The Gangajal is seen as a purifier for the body, soul, and thoughts of a person. She is described as a fair complexioned lady, clad in a white Saari, with a white crown on her head. She entered the earth in the form of water via lord Shiva’s dense hair.

Importance of Ganga in Hindu Rituals:

The goddess is said to have gain importance later in the Godly history. Legends have it that while she was in heaven, she was a sincere devotee of lord Krishna. This made Radha jealous and as a consequence, she cursed Ganga to go to earth and flow as a River. Another legend attached to it is that she was goddess Parvati’s sister. Some also believe that she came into existence from lord Vishnu’s foot’s sweat.

The ritual of flowing the ashes of the cremation into Ganga, came into practice because of the belief that being a hallowed river, it gives a heavenly abode to the dead. You can get a Maa Ganga puja done for cleansing of your sins. Click here to book. 

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