Pray to Holy river on Ganga Saptami


Ganga Saptami is said to be the day on which the Indian holy river Ganges descended from heaven to earth and was reborn. In Hindu mythology, Ganges is depicted as a goddess named Maa Ganga, who is the epitome of pureness. Ganga is said to have descended in the month of Vaisakha on the seventh day of the Shukla Paksha.

Ganga holds a sacred position in India. The festivals of Ganga Saptami has done at the revered spots where Ganga and its tributaries flow. Ganga Saptami is promising for Hindu lovers who adore Goddess Ganga. Enthusiasts likewise take a dip in the blessed water. It is trusted that a devout dip in Ganga River may wash away every one of the wrong and evil of all the individual. Numerous Hindus want to be incinerated beside River Ganga as it will lead them to salvation. The individuals who are affected by ‘Mangal’ should adore Goddess Ganga on Ganga Saptami.

Significance of Ganga Saptami

The legend and importance of Ganga Saptami are referenced in the religious sacred texts, for example, ‘Padma Purana,’ ‘Brahma Purana’ and ‘Narada Purana.’ according to the Hindu convictions, Goddess Ganga first came on Earth on ‘Ganga Dussehra.’ However, Sage Jahnu drank all of Ganga’s water. All the Gods and King Bhagirath pleaded him to leave her and that’s when he discharged Ganga on the arrival of Vaishakha Shukla Paksha Saptami. Thus, this day is commended as a resurrection of Goddess Ganga. It is otherwise called ‘Jahnu Saptami.’ Another name of Goddess Ganga is ‘Jahnavi’ since he was the girl of Rishi Jahnu.

Legend of Ganga

The legend regarding the descending of Ganga from heaven to earth is that it came down to wash the sins of the world. It started by flowing through the hair locks of Lord Shiva so that it does not wash the whole earth away, it then flowed peacefully till it reached the sanctuary of the Brahmin Rishi, Jahnu. The flow of Ganga from his abode, angered Jahnu so much that he drank the whole river in his rage, he only released it after many gods pleaded to him and hence this day is also known as Jahnu Saptami.

Celebration of Ganga Saptami

This day is celebrated mainly in the states from where the Ganga flows; devotees from all over India come to these places to pray to Ganga on this auspicious day. They bathe in the holy water of Ganga to wash away all their sins and also hope for good fortune. A very huge crowd gathered on this day to worship by performing Maa Ganga Aarti.

We wish you and your family a very auspicious Ganga Saptami.

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