Gemini Man: Get Their Romantic Side

Being an air sign (like Libra and Aquarius), Gemini is an extremely intellectual and sharp sign. Geminis are quick with their thoughts, words and remarks. Their vivid imagination fuels their life and their quick wit makes them a delight to talk to. A Gemini man in love can be the exact antithesis of what you had always imagined your prince charming to be. Since these men thrive on intellectual challenges, an overly sloppy, romantic relationship that ties them to a particular person can be very off putting for them. Relationships have never been essential for Gemini men and even when they do enter into one, they don’t put too much emphasis on it. Mental pursuits take up most of their time. However, none of this has to mean Geminis don’t get into relationships or don’t make great lovers. If you provide your Gemini man enough mental and intellectual stimulation, he’ll be yours forever. He isn’t looking for a doormat. So make sure you’re interesting and full of vigour while around him. Read more to know how Gemini man in love makes the love worthy!

A Gemini man has the gift of gab. He is charming, witty and can chat you up like no one ever has. He likes being the centre of attention and basking in its glory. Because he is an air sign, he’ll be elusive and naturally independent. He’ll need his space in healthy doses and might feel a tinge of suffocation at any hint of smothering love. Geminis love spontaneity and variety in their lives. This man needs a partner who can constantly interest him and knows how to keep his attention. More than anything else, he needs someone whom he can be friends with. He looks for a partner he can connect with on several levels, the most important being the intellectual/mental ones. He is constantly experimenting with and exploring his life, people and experiences. If you want to keep this man, accompany him on his journeys. Because he is such a charming and quick witted fellow, he will naturally attract a lot of lovers and admirers. However, you must not get jealous when you see him having a great conversation with that lovely lady in the party. It’s his love for communication that earns him so many friends in such a short time.

A Gemini man in love can be your best friend and can go to great lengths for you. He’ll shower his partner with love, attention and his time. Moreover, he’ll give you ample freedom to conduct your life the way you want to. He’ll not be a possessive lover. He will spend a lot of time in analyzing and trying to understand his partner. He’ll pursue your mystery and secrets with a zeal that is not typical of him. In a relationship, your Gemini man will be ever so loving, listening patiently to all that you have to say. Since Geminis love change, they expect their partners to be adaptable and flexible and keep up with the changes and turbulence in their intertwined lives.

See what Ganesha has to say about Gemini:

Gemini are the not easy to understand. Their sun sign nature makes they oscillate between hot and cold nature. Ganesha says that they love single faced people. Gemini are awesome speakers and have sharp mind. They at times have a tendency to exaggerate the things. Gemini sign born are social people and very natural communicators. They are fun filled and frolic and prefer to be in the company of people who are full of enthusiasm.

The power of love can make anyone fall for you. Even the stars change their position with the power of love. Spread love, happiness and blessings of Ganesha with this article.

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