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Gemstone in Our life: Since our birth the astrology defines our future and in some way or other. Gemstones are the stones that are wore by every one at some point of time or other. These stones are primarily very rare in the world, wearing them also affects our life deeply. Moreover In Astrology the nine planets are defined by nine different gemstones. Thus these gemstones are capable enough to bring out the positive changes in a person’s life. Looking beautiful along with their astrological powers these stones have become very popular among masses.

Benefits of Gemstones:

There are varied gemstones that are available. These gemstones are mainly utilized for:

  • Their ability to cure Ailments: It is believed that gemstones such as yellow Sapphire or Phukhraj have ability to cure age old ailments, and emerald brings good health.
  • Flow of energy: All the gemstones help in controlling the energy flow of the body, and enhance the beneficial influence of the planets.
  • For bringing luck: It is believed that wearing red coral brings prosperity and luck.
  • For Love and Marriage: For love life and bliss full marriage it is believed that you can wear ruby and diamond.


The five elements of body and the gemstone they represent:

It is believed that the very basic element that makes up the cosmos is the same as that of the human body. If these elements in a balanced nature then they keep the mind and body in perfect tandem and working condition.

Additionally The elements that are found in gems and in our bodies are as follows:

1) Fire element in ruby coral

2) the element of water, in stones such as pearl and diamond

3)the earth element in emerald and yellow sapphire

4) space element in blue sapphire and last but not the least the

5) element of air in topaz.

Each and every gem has the ability to attract and repel a special cosmic ray towards them or away from them.


Gemstones and their significance:

Various gemstones and their significance, represents our personalities. So here are gemstones and their corresponding planets and their significance, along with the day it should be best wore at :


  • Blue Sapphire Or Neelam,

Planet: Saturn, best day to be worn: Saturday

Blue Sapphire

This gemstone brings mental peace and financial gains and rewards to those who want it. Similarly It is said it will cure depression, psychosis and alcoholism. Furthermore If advised please don’t were this gemstone with pearl, coral or ruby.


  • Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj

Planet: Jupiter, Best day to wear- Thursday

Yellow Sapphire:

It provides financial security and stability to the person who ever wears it. It also enables concentration and brings fame, health and success. Like the sun this gemstone spreads the warmth and knowledge and tranquility. Unless advised by an astrologer don’t wear it with diamond and blue sapphire.


  • Red Coral or Moonga

Planet Mars, the best day to wear: Tuesday

Red Coral or Moonga:

This gemstone is said to bring vitality, physical and mental growth, financial gains etc. It also enables in overcoming of laziness, lack of confidence etc. it is also helpful in curing diseases such as blood infection, fatigue, blood infection etc.


  • Ruby or Manik:

Planet- the sun, best day to wear it- Sunday.

Ruby or Manik:

It is believed to remove all financial difficulties. It also imparts prosperity, and it is especially beneficial for those who want to achieve higher positions in their office. Although Health related issues such as the diabetes, B.P. are said to be cured by wearing this ring.


  • Emerald or Panna

Planet: Mercury, Best day to wear: Wednesday.

Emerald or Panna:

Similarly, this gemstone gives the gift of good health to anyone who wears it. It also makes the person intelligent and imparts wisdom, it increases wealth and property, brings prosperity. It also gives protection from snake bites, treats insomnia.


  • Hessonite or Gomed

Planet- Rahu, Best day to wear- Saturday

Hessonite or Gomed: it mainly deactivates the effects of Rahu, removes fear, enables the spiritual growth, it also brings financial security, and it enables relief from sinus, epilepsy and skin infection.

  • Diamond or Heera

Planet: Venus, Best day to wear: Friday

Diamond or Heera:

It is said that the one who wears it gets a life of luxuries, brings fame, and infuses artistic abilities. Furthermore, It cures Diabetes, diseases of urine, and venereal disease. Diamond enables the person who wears good deeds, and gets accolades and acclaim.


  • Pearl or Moti

Planet: Moon, best day to wear:

Pearl or Moti:

This gemstone removes the negative effects of moon; such as it toughens the mind, enhances good sleep and cures Insomnia. It also helps in enhancement of Memory, heart diseases and eye disease.


  • Cat’s Eye or lahsunia

Planet: Ketu, Best Day to wear: Wednesday

Cat’s Eye or Lahsunia:

It enables the removal of the ill effectiveness of ketu and those diseases that are spread by mars. For those who have businesses or are businessmen, they are benefited from it. Additionally it reduces ailments, boosts strength and prosperity provided that you chooses your gemstone rightly. In case if you have lost some money, you will find it. And the financial situation will improve.


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