What are Gemstones? 11 Interesting Facts, Birthstones by Month

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Gemstones are Mineral Crystals that are cut and polished to give them a refined appealing look. But there are also Gemstones that are extracted from rocks and organic materials.

Present-day Gemstones experts are called Gemologists, There are vast varieties of Gems which they have divided into Groups and Species. It can be best explained with the following examples

  • Corundum Gem species has two varieties, one is Ruby in red variety and any other colour of Corundum is considered Sapphire.
  • Similarly, Beryl mineral species has gems like emerald (green), aquamarine (blue), red beryl (red), goshenite (colourless), heliodor (yellow), and morganite (pink).

Thus, modern-day there are many blends and compositions of Gemstones.


The tangible characteristics that make a Gemstone valuable are Color, Clarity, Cut, Unusual dispersion of colours within a Gem and the Star effects or Asterism.


Our Vedic astrology has spoken in detail about the Gemstone’s mind and body cleansing properties. Vedas also informs about its natural energy, which can be used for healing purposes and to ignite our aura


Everybody knows that they can boost confidence and help strengthen relationships. But you may get surprised to know, that these Gemstones can also be used to energise water for drinking and bathing.


Are you aware that there are stones that have a connection with seasons, Days of the week and hours of the day?


Likewise, many fascinating facts I found about Gemstones. They are natural and the most beautiful work of art in the environment. As rightly quoted by Jewellery Designer David Yurman

“Gemstones have a beauty
unlike anything else because
they allow light inside and refract it”


11 Little Known Facts about Gemstones That Will Make You Fall in Love with Them

  1. Gemstone Garnet was named after the seeds of pomegranate because of its deep red colour. Also in ancient Greece, Pomegranate symbolises Life, Death and Birth.
  2. It’s amusing to know that Amber is so delicate that it is able to float in Saltwater. It’s the softest and lightest amongst all Gemstones.
  3. In contrast, Diamond is hardest Gemstone. Interestingly I read somewhere that ‘The only thing that can scratch Diamond is another Diamond’.
  4. It was all the more intriguing to know about Uncle Sam Diamond. This is the Largest Diamond discovered in United States. Named after the man called Uncle Sam who found it.
  5. My favourite Gem is Pearl. It takes 1 to 3 years for the pearl to reach a perfect size.
  6. Earlier people would believe that Opals can safeguard the shade of blonde hair of a middle-aged woman.
  7. The Egyptians had a strong affection for the Green Gemstones. There are two types of Green stones: Emerald and Peridot. Cleopatra’s favourite between the two Green was Peridot gemstone.
  8. In our favourite Titanic Movie, we have seen the Sapphire Necklace sinking in the Ocean. Do you know it was a real incident? It actually happened on the real Titanic ship.
  9. Nevertheless, the Biggest Sapphire of 330 Carrot which is known as the Star of Asia is kept at Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington. Surprisingly it once belonged to the Maharaj of Jodhpur.
  10. And the largest faceted gemstone in the world is an El Dorado Topaz, found in Brazil. Which weighs almost 31,000 carats.
  11. I am sure this one you must have heard or read that after billions of years the Sun will also Crystallise and become one enormous Diamond Star in the centre of the Solar system.


The most commonly used astrological Gemstone is Birthstones by month. Identify your Birthstones by month

January – Garnet

Those born in January fall under the zodiac signs Capricorn and Aquarius, and are known for their friendship, trust, commitment, professional and personal success. An empowering stone, like Garnet, further enhances these characteristics. Garnet can be of various colours but Red Garnets are more common. Those who wear Garnet, it is believed to keep them safe during travel.


February – Amethyst

For people born in February Amethyst is the birthstone. Since it increases intuitiveness and purifies the aura, that’s why it’s ideal for Aquarius and Pisces zodiac signs. Amethysts are of purple shade signifying power, wealth, royalty and dominance.


March – Aquamarine

March born are either Pisces or Aries who need some source to calm their temperament and zeal. Fortunately, Aquamarine, which is the birthstone for March, pacifies emotions, purifies energy, and alleviates the mind. It comes in colours ranging from light blue to deep blue.


April – Diamond

It is for Aries and Taurus zodiac signs in April. This stone can help to focus and align the chakras. Those who wear Diamond every day are able to channelise their innovativeness and accomplish their goal successfully. Diamonds can be of many colours but colourless are most in demand.


May – Emerald

While in May the Sun moves from Taurus to the airy sign Gemini. The Vibrant Green Colour of Emerald reflects the spring season of May. The more intense and bright green Emerald is, the more valuable it becomes. It invokes progressive and revolutionary thoughts.


June – Pearl, Alexandrite, and moonstone

Moving to June in Taurus and Gemini signs. Pearl, Alexandrite, and moonstone are June month Birthstones. Pearls bring a feeling of peace and more profound knowledge of one’s thoughts and emotions. It is assessed as the “Colour Changing Gem” because its colour changes according to the lighting.


July – ruby

Next, the sun transits from emotional Cancer to energetic Leo. July is loaded with enthusiasm and emotions brimming with desire, intensity and zing!. The bright red colour Ruby is July Gemstone. It is amongst the most valuable gemstones and has the historical significance of health, wealth, wisdom and success.


August – Peridot and Spinel

Then in August, the sun advances from blazing Leo to hearty Virgo. Peridot and Spinel are the Gemstones of this month. Peridot is of distinct, lime green colour while Spinel has a range of colours. Peridot infuses power, and the Spinel supports relaxing and pacifying feelings.


September – Sapphire

Virgo and Libra zodiac signs are in September. And the birthstone is Sapphire in this month. It is known as the ‘Lovestone’. As it is believed to unify two individuals and is symbolic of purity & trust. They are most commonly linked with rich shades of blue. However, they are also available in various other colours.


October – Tourmaline & Opal

Libra and Scorpio are the two signs Sun transits in October. They have two Birthstones Tourmaline & Opal. They avert pessimistic energies that block any kind of development. Tourmaline is commonly found in Pink shade though there are other colours available. Whereas beautiful Opal gemstones have a unique feature it displays several colours in one gem.


November -Citrine & Topaz

Topaz and Citrine are the Birthstones for November. Topaz comes in a wide range of colours yellow, blue, green, grey, and more. In ancient times, the golden Topaz gemstone was connected with the healing power of Sun God. On the other hand, Citrine gemstones are traders’ stone that denotes success and abundance. It Ranges from yellow to brownish-orange in colour. It is Scorpio and Sagittarius Zodiac time period.


December – Blue Topaz, Tanzanite, Zircon & Turquoise

Finally, the Sun travels through the zodiac of spontaneous Sagittarius and realistic Capricorn in December. It has multiple birthstones to choose from blue topaz, tanzanite, zircon, and turquoise. And all of them are in shades of blue like light blue, velvety blue, blue-green. They help clear the mind, take away the stress and promotes righteousness.

To Sum up

The above-mentioned birthstones and their characteristics can not be implemented directly to buy a Gemstone. You will need an expert to tell the best-suited Gemstone. He will combine the birthstone, Colour, Characteristics with your horoscope and Nakshatras.

In fact, while wearing any Gemstone there are specific rules to be obeyed.
Askganesha provides Gem Consultancy Report with all the important details like

The weight of the Gemstone
Which metal to use
Time, Day, Date
Which part of the body to wear it
Mantras to chant

They suggest highly effective Gemstones which surely empowers all your personal and professional endeavours

What are Gemstones? 11 Interesting Facts, Birthstones by Month by

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