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The psychology of anger is that you desired something, and somebody prohibited you from getting it. Somebody came as obstruct, as an obstacle. Your entire energy was going to get something and somebody blocked-up the energy. You could not get what you wanted. Now this annoyed energy becomes anger…anger against the person who has shattered the possibility of fulfilling your desire.
You cannot avoid anger because anger is a consequence, but you can do something else so that the consequence does not happen at all. In life, remember one thing: never desire anything so strongly as if it is a matter of life and death. Be a little light-hearted. I am not saying, don’t desire – because that will become a repression in you. I am saying, desire but let your desire be light-hearted. If you can get it, is good. If you cannot get it, maybe it was not the right time; we will see next time.
We become so attached with the desire, then when it is blocked or barred , our own energy becomes fire and it burns you. And in that state of almost psychosis you can do anything, for which you are going to regret. It can create a series of events that your whole life may get entwined with. Because of this, for thousands of years, we have been listening, “Become desireless.” Now that is something impossible for a human. Even the people who have said, “Become desireless” have also given you a purpose, a desire: if you are without a desire you will attain to the freedom of moksha. That too is a desire.And if anything can be formed which disturbs your desire for moksha, again the anger will burn up. And this time it will be far higher, because now the desire is bigger. Anger is always in proportion to desire. You have to go to the extraction of anger. The root cause is always some desire which has been stopped up, and the disappointment has produced the anger. Don’t take desires seriously. Don’t take anything seriously. I want you to understand that a sense of humor, light-heartedness, should be the fundamental qualities. You should not take things so seriously, and then anger does not arise. You can simply laugh at the whole thing. You can start laughing at yourself. You can start laughing at situations in which you would have been angry and mad.
Use playfulness, a sense of humor, laughter. And then you will see anger simply has not happened. Once this settles in your being then everything is okay. Anger vanish, and the disappearance will bring you a new surprise, because when anger vanish it leaves behind it incredible energy of compassion and love.
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