Healing Gemstones that can Cure You

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People suffer from one or the other disease and wearing the required gemstone is considered one of the good astrological solutions for the same. Gemstones have healing properties which are found in every crystal. Gemstone doesn’t have a single purpose but multiple healing qualities on the bearer. However, many stones have earned a reputation for excelling in some specific areas. 

The astrologers suggest lucky stones and help in choosing the best stones as per your horoscope. It is important to known the significance of each gemstone before wearing it. Given below are some of the commonly used gemstones in astrology:


rose quartz

Rose Quartz

This gemstone has gentle energy and is known as the loving stone. It is called so due to its properties of platonic love and spiritual healing gemstone. Rose Quartz is the healer of many emotional ailments such as heartbreaks. It is also a timeless gift if you want to offer it to someone who is learning self-love and seeking inner peace.



It comes in a variety of colors and is known to be the protector of the gemstone. It has the ability to ward off any kind of negative energy coming from your surroundings or other people. It can also help the wearer to find spiritual aid and tranquility. It also helps the bearer in meditation.




It’s a stone for grounding and is usually silver-gray metallic in color. It acts as a grounding stone to avoid out-worldly events which such as out of the body experience or spirits. You can also heal from a stressful situation such as a job interview or funeral. This stone has a healing energy and keeps the body healthy.




It carries calm and serene energy and helps in finding the self-acceptance in the wearer. The healing stone symbolizes the tapped inner creativity. It relieves the person from physical pain such as cramps and helps in flushing the toxins from the body



It has powerful healing properties both spiritually and physically. These healing gemstones give a sense of balance and calm. Amethyst also clears the mind of confusion, stressful emotions and soothing negative energy. It also strengthens the immune system and hormone levels.



This has been revered healing gemstones for a long time. It has the ability to help interpret the dreams, strengthen love, ward off evil and friendship bonds. The wearer can give other person a sense of confidence and helps in imparting wisdom.



This healing gemstone helps in channelizing the energy and opens up the communication center to contact the spirit guides and angels. This stone is best known for the balancing properties which can align the throat chakras.


healing gemstones

The crystals can heal everything from anxiety, migraine, and many other diseases. The gemstone healing can support the meditate practices and align the 7 chakras and induce the energy in the right conditions. The level of healing is possible from the right crystal or stone with the right application.

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