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It’s an ancient saying that “Health is Wealth”. As the growing population is getting prone to more and more diseases, it’s important to understand the Astro remedies to add some added protection. Health is pivotal as your whole personality and well-being depends on it. An aching and ailing body can obstruct the enthusiasm and pursuit for success. If you have Health problems, you will not feel the enthusiasm to do any work. We will provide you with the problems and specific remedies which can be undertaken to make life free from illness and disease.

Astro remedies

Medical Astrology of Sun

Part of the body: Stomach, bone, right eye, skin, heart, belly, head constitution of the body

Diseases: Trouble in the right eye, high fever, stomach and skin, disease of the heart, bone fracture, diseases in the head and all past diseases

Medical Astrology of Moon

Part of the body: Heart, lungs, mind, left eye, blood, breast, alimentary canal, intestines, water in the body, lymph kidneys

Diseases: Diseases of heart, lungs, inertia, left eye, uterus, sleepiness, asthma, diseases from water, diarrhea, anemia, poisoning of blood. Vomiting, kidney trouble, diabetes, hydrocele, menstrual, disorder, dropsy, appendicitis, diseases of breasts and mammary glands, cough and cold.

Medical Astrology of Mars

Part of the body: Blood, marrow, genitals, energy, neck veins, red mater in blood, female organs, rectum veins, and vitality and nose

Diseases: Diseases of head, poisoning, bone fracture urinal diseases, cuts, leprosy, wounds, sore eye, itches, blood pressure, loss of energy, tumors, cancer. Diseases of female organs, boils, piles, menstrual disorder, chicken pox, ulcer, dysentery, rectal disease, mumps, fistula and hernia.

Medical Astrology of Mercury

Part of the body: Chest, nerves, spinal system, skin, navel, veins, nose, gallbladder, lungs, arms, tongue, mouth, and hair

Diseases: Diseases of chest and nerves, nose and gallbladder, chicken pox, epilepsy, a disease of the navel, poisonous disease. Madness, bone fracture, typhoid, paralysis, cholera, fits, ulcer, indigestion and mouth diseases, skin, neurofibroma, and vertigo

Medical Astrology of Jupiter

Part of the body: Thighs, ear, fat, brain, lungs, liver, kidney, memory, semen, tongue and spleen

Diseases: Diseases of the liver, lack of memory, kidneys, lungs, and ears, diabetes, the malady of a tongue, pancreas spleen and dropsy. Thighs, jaundice, blood poisoning, tumors, albumin in urine, dyspepsia and abscesses

Medical Astrology of Venus

Part of Body: Face, the luster of a body, eyesight, genital organs, throat, semen, chin, water in the body, urine and glands

Diseases of face and eye, fading away of bodily luster, venereal diseases, throat trouble, fits, indigestion, diabetes, throat, water in the body, sexual incompetence and glands and chin.

Medical Astrology of Saturn

Part of the body: Legs, joint bones, muscles, limbs, teeth, skin and hair, knees and spleen.

Diseases: Weakness, stomach pain, diseases of bones, damage and loss of limbs, bone fracture, teeth, skin and legs, ugly hair. Rheumatic pains, blindness, muscle pains, mental worry, wounds, hysteria, deafness, paralysis, tumors or baldness

Medical Astrology of Rahu

Part of the body: Feet, neck, and breathing

Diseases: Lung problems, diseases in feet, hiccoughs, ulcers, boils, leprosy, difficulties in breathing, cataract, and hydrocele, enlargement of spleen, poisoning, varicose veins, stammering, pains.

Medical Astrology of Ketu

Part of the body: Belly and feet

Diseases: Lung problems, pains in the body, fever, eye-pain, stomach pain, boils, diseases from unknown causes. Low blood pressure, intestine worms, defect in speech and ear, phobias and brain diseases

The Health problems & Astro remedies provide astrological solutions for appeasing the planets. It is also observed that normally doctors prescribe medicines. But they do not work, however, after certain puja or homams of the concerned planet is done these medicines start working.

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