How Karma affect your life?

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Karma is a Sanskrit word karma means “volitional act” or “deed” The law of karma is a law of cause and effect or the same as everything else. It basically means to exhibit the force is a negative word, thoughts, actions create equally negative energy. It is not a punishment and it only educates us. This is created by the intentional acts of body, speech, and mind. Only acts pure of hate, greed and delusion do not produce karmic effects. At times intention can be subconscious.

karma and rebirth

How Karma is attached to the Rebirth?

The effects of karma may continue across lifetimes even in rebirth. The classical Hindu understanding of rebirth is that an atman or Atma is reborn several times. However, many religions believe that there is no permanent essence of individual “self” which inhabits a body and this is something which is explained in Vedic texts. There are various schools of Buddhism approach this question in somewhat different ways, but fully realizing the meaning of rebirth is close to enlightenment itself.

karma and nirvana

Karma and Nirvana

Karma is defined as the result of intentional actions through body, speech, or mind. These actions can change the conscious in a way that crafts one’s future life or rebirth. The ripple effect is strong in all of Buddha’s teachings but strongest in karma’s influence on rebirth states. The wholesome acts can lead to positive rebirths and eventual nirvana was an unwholesome act, driven by evils center produces unwholesome rebirths. According to this, the fabric of cause and effect relationships and how they mutually condition each other. It fuels the wheel of life and only a life without regret can reach towards the path of Nirvana.

Soul and karma

No soul or subtle essence of individual can self transmigrates from one body to another to live another life. However, there is a causal connection between one life and another. A newly born person is a different person from one who died.

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