How Thanksgiving Day is Celebrated in India?


Thanksgiving is celebrated all over the world. It conveys the message of thanking lord for every small thing he has offered to human being. Though not much popular in India but with adoption of western culture in India, the festival is celebrated all over the country. Thanksgiving is celebrated in United States of America on the fourth Thursday of November Month every year. This year it will be on 26th November.

In Goa, thanks giving day is celebrated as the name of “Ladin” or “ladainha”. At the time of thanks giving day, people observe thanksgiving prayer to thank lord for food to eat land to live and air to breathe.

Thanksgiving is celebrated to give thanks for the harvesting and for the New Year which is coming. Public holiday is observed in United States on Thanksgiving Day. Government offices, public offices or private organizations, school etc. observe an off on this day.

The real celebration is marked by family and friends getting together and giving gifts to each other. They enjoy thanksgiving meal with each other and have a joyous time. The meal includes turkey, stuffed potato, cranberry, pumpkin and vegetables. In some of the cities Thanksgiving parades are organized.

With Christmas around the same time of the year, people shop and start the countdown for Christmas festivities.

Thanksgiving Day has been declared as a national holiday since 1863. The first Thanksgiving was celebrated by the pilgrims in 1621 after their first harvest in new world. This feast and celebration lasted for 3 days. Thanksgiving Day is a day to spread happiness and giving thanks to everyone, and also a festival of prosperity.

We should all thank God for his blessings and making our lives wealthy and happy. We as a human being should learn to be happy with what we have. Amen.

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