How to Choose Tattoo According to Your Zodiac Sign?

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The craze of tattoos among the young generation is increasing day by day. But have you ever wondered or thought that the right tattoo according to your zodiac sign can bring luck according to your stars? Of course you might not have ever thought of it in your wildest dream. Follow our coolest tips according to your stars and see how your fantasy for tattoo not only fulfills your passion but also heals your luck with their astrological effect.


Arians are fiercely passionate and deeply enthusiastic about their ventures. Red is their color so add red to your tattoo if you are one! Since Arians have plenty of personal pride, getting their last name inked with blazes of fire around it is an amazing tattoo option. Another perfect tattoo for this sign would be a phoenix, the perfect metaphor for the Arian ability to rise from downfalls.



People born under this sign would want their tattoo to be neat and appealing to everyone around. Since they love the outdoors and the nature, flowers are a great tattoo option for them. Another suitable option would be getting a bull inked, to represent the Taurean stubbornness.


A tattoo symbolizing their dual nature would be perfect for Geminis. An image of a person staring into their own reflection would be a great tattoo idea. Since Geminis are naturally talkative, getting their favourite quote or one liner inked would be another good option.


Cancer is an emotional sign. Getting a tattoo like a wilted rose that symbolizes emotional healing, would be a great choice for Cancerians. They are also likely to get their lover’s name tattooed or any other tattoo that is symbolic of a happy relationship.


The proud Leos will most likely get their own name inked in bold letters. Diamonds, crowns or other symbols of royalty would make another great tattoo option for Leos. Since Sun is their ruling planet, anything like flowers in bloom that represent the summer, would be ideal for a Leo.


Like a Virgo himself, the tattoo will have to be just perfect. Their ‘virginal’ purity can be incorporated into images of ancient virgin goddesses or natural scenes. Neatly detailed animals, plants and flowers are ideal tattoo options for Virgos.


A perfect tattoo idea for Librans would be the peace sign, which symbolizes their love for humanity. A romantic quote, decorated with flowers and a beautiful design would set any Libran’s heart fluttering.


A scorpion can be etched on a Scorpio to link them with their astrological sign. It is also a symbol of the powerful and deadly resolve of a Scorpio. Since this is a water sign, they can also get an ocean shore inked, including water animals.


Getting a centaur tattooed to represent the archer’s wisdom and poise is an ideal tattoo choice doe Sagittarians. A tattoo of a heart shaped globe will symbolize their love for travel and wandering. To represent their innate cheer, they could simply get a smiley face tattooed.


Getting the earth or globe tattooed would be a simple depiction of the earth sign connection. Capricorns could also get a goat etched to make a statement about their zodiac. Since Capricorns are family oriented, getting the names of their loved ones inked is another great tattoo idea for them.


A water bearer tattoo can be a great way to symbolize the Aquarian uniqueness and humanitarian side. They could also get a glyph symbol tattooed  and get a meaningful quote inked under it.


A tattoo of cupid or a love quote is a perfect option for the dreamy, romantic Pisceans. They could also get sea creatures or water lilies inked on their body.

So next time you are making up your mind to bear the pain of tattoo piercing, make sure you do keeping in mind what your stars tell you to do. After all no pain no gain.

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